What type of yoga is right for you?

If yoga has long had an image of discipline reserved for women, more and more men are now followers. According to studies, the proportion varies from 10 to almost 50% of men!

But too bad for the statistics, we especially know that yoga is likely to bring many benefits to those who practice it. We should rather speak of yogas, in the plural, because there are indeed many shapes. Some act more on physical well-being, others on morale or self-knowledge… So, what form of yoga is right for you, gentlemen?

What is yoga?

Before looking at its variants, it seems more judicious to recall what yoga really is. This is a thousand-year-old complementary discipline, at once cognitive, spiritual and physical, straight from India. It aims to balance different poles of the human being: physical, psychic and spiritual through meditation and relaxation exercises. Clear, it’s learning to control yourself to be better in your skin and in your head !

But more than a method of well-being, yoga can also be seen as a sport in its own right. And watch out, no question of confusing yoga and Pilateswhich is a sports discipline inspired by yoga but is not a variant!

3 types of yoga to discover and try

Budokon, Ashtanga, Kundalini… Behind these strange names hide different types of yoga, which will not correspond to all men. So, if you want to get started, gentlemen, here are 3 types of yoga to discover… and to choose according to your personality!

1. Ashtanga: in search of action

If you are not a man of a contemplative nature, if you find it difficult to stay still and if you need to let off steam, this is the Ashtanga for you.

This is the most dynamic yoga discipline, but also the most popular in the West. Very physical, it is based on acrobatic physical exercises and sequences of postures. It is recommended for those who already have an excellent sporting level, who want to consolidate their self-confidence and get straight to the point in life.

2. The Kundalini: open your chakras!

Are you looking to channel the powerful energy (Prana) flowing through your male veins? Kundalini yoga is for you. This form of yoga aims to awaken sleeping chakras (body energy points) to unlock spiritual energy and access higher levels of consciousness.

Specifically, the objective is to know yourself better by reciting mantras (small prayers) and doing breathing exercises. This variant is rather recommended for the uninitiated who wish to develop their spirituality, open up to others and free themselves from constraints.

3. Iyengar: concentrated yoga

It is a swami (a yoga master) who gave his name to this technique. She insists on the mastery of postures inspired by the plant and animal world, called Asanas and on breathing (Pranayama). Achieving the perfection of these postures by putting the whole body to work makes it easier to learn and to be more concentrated. It is ideal for beginners.

Iyengar is particularly recommended if you are shy and patient and want to get out of your reserve.

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What type of yoga is right for you?

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