What are the benefits of regular yoga practice?

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The practice of yoga gives its followers unsuspected benefits for the uninitiated layman. These benefits are as much physical as spiritual or respiratory. They allow individuals to feel good and to flourish.

Nowadays, yoga is a very popular discipline and whose followers around the world number in the thousands. The reasons for this success are based on the values ​​conveyed by yoga and especially on the benefits that its practice provides to its disciples.

What is Yoga?

Yoga originated in a region located in northwestern India called the Indus Valley. He appeared there five thousand years ago.

Yoga is a discipline that combines spirituality and physical exercises. Yoga aims to unify body and mind through the practice of exercises based on several techniques. Physical postures are also called asanas, breathing techniques are known as pranayamas. In the practice of yoga, meditation and relaxation are also two essential aspects.

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What are the benefits of yoga?

The benefits of yoga are numerous and are based on 8 main principles that allow you to move towards the ultimate principle which has the name: awakening. This spiritual quest towards awakening is based on respect for values ​​and a repetition of postures and physical and breathing exercises. Here are some of the benefits of yoga:

  • physical benefits

First of all, it is good to remember that yoga is not a sport, even if it requires repeated physical effort, and that there are different forms of yoga that will allow you to increase or not the intensity. physical depending on the style of yoga practiced.

The principle of yoga is based on the repetition of exercises. This peculiarity has an impact on the physical health of an individual, because through practice, the human body learns. As he learns, he perfects himself, like a runner who gradually progresses by training every day. The human being acquires a better behavior of his body, makes work various muscles and articulations and releases tensions on the level of the articulations to gain in flexibility and resistance.

  • spiritual benefits

Yoga is a symbiosis between the physical and the mind. Thus, people who practice yoga are gradually led to detach themselves from themselves to leave aside their existential problems. This spiritual approach allows them to gain serenity and wisdom. Of course, it is with time and practice that they find balance and appeasement.

To achieve this, it is important that the mind learns to direct the body. For this, the practitioner must develop his concentration. This basic notion inherent in yoga can be transposed into life, whether at work, in sports or in discussions with loved ones.

  • Respiratory benefits

Lyon yoga classes allow you to develop a fundamental notion of yoga: breathing. It has long been known that learning to breathe helps to control stress. The practice of yoga militates in this direction. In addition, breathing allows blood flow to the muscles. The heart rate is regulated and sleep is easier. All these positive points related to breathing positively impact people who feel healthier.

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What are the benefits of regular yoga practice?

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