WELL-BEING These 3 simple and quick yoga exercises that Alexandra Rosenfeld loves to keep in shape – Here’s

Alexandra Rosenfeld regularly shares yoga poses on her Instagram account. A great follower of this sport, the former Miss France has even become a teacher. Here are three of the simplest yoga poses she performs to get off on the right foot.

It’s time to (re)discover the benefits of yoga. This discipline can impress and may seem inaccessible to you through social networks. However, there are yoga positions that are easy to perform. No need to put your head down and your feet in balance from the first sessions, we reassure you. Start slow, it’s the secret to integrate this discipline into your daily life. By practicing yoga regularly, you will discover physical activity but also mental well-being.

Good reasons to take up yoga

Yoga has multiple benefits on the body and the mind, Alexandra Rosenfeld talks about it in her book My well-being method. This discipline allows you to develop your flexibility, strengthen your back, strengthen your joints, improve your postureof “let go”of tone your figure or to develop strength. A single sports practice with so many benefits is the Holy Grail.

3 easy yoga exercises to incorporate into your routine

Alexandra Rosenfeld has been a yoga enthusiast for a long time. On her social networks, she regularly shares her advice and positions around this discipline. It is also (particularly) thanks to this sport that she maintains her dream figure. Here are the three exercises she practices often.

1. For a flat stomach and a slimmer waistline: the stomach vacuum

The ex-miss France has a very flat stomach with visible abs. His secret for this result is to practice the stomach vacuum, “an exercise widely seen in yoga and freediving.” The advantage of this exercise is that there is no need for outfits or equipment. Just lie down (or stand), arms relaxed along the body and inhale, slightly inflating the belly. At the end of the inspiration, engage the perineum. Then, empty all the air from the lungs by exhaling through your mouth and keeping the contraction. You must perform these steps while pulling in the belly, the navel must be closer to the spine and the stomach to the ribs. Repeat the exercise 5 to 10 times in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach (before getting up, this is ideal).

2. To regain flexibility in the legs: the high slit

The upper slit must be wide apart. This exercise opens the pelvis and stretches the inside of the leg and the hip flexor. It’s ideal for getting in condition right out of bed. For 30 seconds hold the pose. It is similar to the first steps of the lizard pose, except that you have to bring your leg back between your hands flat on the ground. Raise your back knee and shift the weight onto the front bent leg, but make sure the knee stays above the heel. Your toes should be crocheting the ground.

3. To relieve back pain: the upward facing dog pose

This yoga position is a classic. It is used to open the back, spine, chest and abs. How to make it? Start lying down with your stomach and tops of your feet flat on the floor. Place your hands on either side of your chest. At this stage, you have to push on the ground with your palms. Raise your chest and raise your head to stare at the ceiling. The most comfortable can lift the thighs and legs. Stay like this for 1-3 breaths.

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WELL-BEING These 3 simple and quick yoga exercises that Alexandra Rosenfeld loves to keep in shape – Here’s

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