Well-being – Doing yoga with the family and in the open air is possible in Lussat in Creuse

Yoga sessions at the Landes pond, at the Gouzon golf course or at the Clautre farm in Bord-Saint-Georges. Myriam Touchard chooses original places connected to nature to give her lessons. “Most of the time, I do it outdoors,” she says. It is ideal to be outside. We enjoy nature, vegetation, the sound of birds, the sound of the wind. We are all the more in the present moment when we use our senses. It is conducive to letting go. »

Yoga for children, for pregnant women

This 30-year-old trained at the Céline Miconnet green yoga school in Dreux (Eure-et-Loir). Graduated in 2019, she undertook a professional retraining after having been a school teacher for six years. “I stopped when I had my children. I wanted to take the time to raise them. She found her balance with yoga. “I didn’t want to leave the teaching world. I wanted to be in the wellness business. It is very important not to forget yourself. »

In addition to traditional yoga, she has trained in yoga for children, for pregnant women, for osteo-articular pathologies, stress management, digestive problems…

Coming from Yvelines

Until the summer of 2020, Myriam Touchard lived in the Yvelines. It was love that led her to settle in Creuse, with her son and daughter. His new companion has been a farmer for twenty years in Lussat. “I had already been to Creuse before, to a friend who lives in La Nouaille. I had been seduced by the department. I couldn’t wait to go back,” she says.

Arrived in July 2020, “in the middle of covid”, she first turned to the agricultural world, “waiting to be able to develop my activity around yoga”. Registered as a collaborating spouse, she works on the farm which includes a cattle herd and an organic market gardening activity. The farm is located in the hamlet of La Nouzière, very close to the Landes lake.Last year, she began to gain fame as a yoga teacher. She offers sessions for adults and children. “I did family lessons at the Clautre farm. I also intervened this year at the leisure center and the nursery of Chambon-sur-Voueize. I did a few family workshops around Christmas and Mother’s Day, she lists. It’s a bit my specificity to open yoga to families and children. I like the relations with the children. »

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In the form of games

For toddlers, it works in the form of games. “We are working on body awareness, which will allow you to do postures little by little. We also work on breathing by blowing on a feather, using a straw. She adapts the traditional postures of yoga and suggests that the children do the tree, the cat, the fish, the dog, the bird or the elephant. “The children are very receptive. Yoga gives them peace. It’s physiological: when you work on the exhalation, you have an appeasement that happens. If children practice regularly, there is an effect on concentration, self-confidence, the way of communicating with others, ease of movement. »

Last summer, Myriam Touchard offered sessions so that the children approach the start of the school year in September without stress.

In crèches and nursing homes

She would like to desacralize the discipline. “It’s scary when we talk about yoga. So that we can offer it to the greatest number. You can do yoga at all ages and with all abilities: in a crèche, in nursing homes, with people with disabilities… It’s something different from the postures you see on Instagram. These are not just postures. There is a whole work on breathing which is important. There is also the mental, meditative side. »

This summer, Myriam Touchard is giving lessons to Dutch and English tourists living in the Le Mas d’en Haut gîte in Lussat and in the L’étang des Portes holiday village in Mainsat. In August, she will offer collective practice sessions at her home, at the Nouzière farm, where she has just installed a yurt dedicated to her activity. “Can we call that peasant yoga?! “, she laughs. From the start of the school year, she will lead two group lessons on Wednesday evenings at her home in Lussat, as well as individual lessons on request.

In the long term, his project is to create a place bringing together a farm, a tourist reception (unusual accommodation, peasant table) and a well-being area.

Contact: Facebook page: yogartdevie. €272 per year for group lessons, €15 per family lesson.

A new path at the Landes de Lussat pond (2021)

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Well-being – Doing yoga with the family and in the open air is possible in Lussat in Creuse

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