Weight loss: the Rope Flow to burn calories and also do good for the mind

Behind this anglicism, it is a material well known to athletes of all kinds that hides, and is making a comeback! Indeed, since 2020, the jump rope has made a comeback, to the delight of many athletes.

The Rope Flow: with each session, multiple benefits

If you thought this comeback was meant to be classic, you’re wrong! Yes, the jumping rope is making a comeback, but it does so in a form close to yoga, as it involves a few positions that are well known to followers of the discipline. The Rope Flow comes to us in 2004 from David Weck, its inventor. In his words, it is ” an exercise that does not look like an exercise “.

Let’s be honest, not everyone is looking forward to their next workout “, can we read on the site dedicated to the discipline. “ It’s really hard to take the time to do something you don’t like, even if it’s good for you. Unless… it’s fun. With the Rope Flowthe desire to get up and get active becomes obvious. »

If this mix between yoga and jumping rope leaves you perplexed, know that these exercises can help you relieve many pains caused by our sedentary lifestyle accentuated since the introduction of teleworking. ” Do you feel stiff and lethargic after spending the day in front of the computer? “, we read on the site of David Weck. “ The Rope Flow helps you move your whole body. By working the sore muscles and opening the shoulders with flow movements, you will get rid of stiffness, tension and pain. “A beautiful promise that sport tends to keep in general.

The Rope Flow: between yoga and cardio

Well, when we tell you that it’s a mix between a yoga class and jumping rope, that may not mean much to you… The best thing is to try this discipline to understand it better.

  • To start your test, get a 500 gram skipping rope.
  • Take it with one hand in the hollow formed by your finger and index finger, so that the handles are not firmly gripped.
  • Then perform a pendulum motion with the jump rope on one side of your body.
  • Pass the handles to the other hand, and repeat the movement. This is the basic movement of Rope Flow!

For the rest, many tutorial videos exist on the subject to illustrate the more complex movements including some yoga positions to work on your balance. This mix allows you to work on your cardio, but also your deep muscles, while clearing your head. Sacred program, but very practical within the framework of a weightloss. However, if you embark on this practice with the aim of losing weight, we can only advise you to surround yourself with the advice of a health professional beforehand, in order to avoid deficiencies and injuries.

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Weight loss: the Rope Flow to burn calories and also do good for the mind

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