This Simple Pose Calms the Brain and Reduces Stress

The “Viparita-karani” or half-stand yoga posture is said to reduce stress and promote blood circulation. Getty Images

The ‘Viparita-karani’ or ‘half-stand’ yoga posture has gone viral on TikTok, racking up nearly 20 million views. Details on its benefits with an osteopath and yoga teacher.

Reduce anxiety, headaches, improve blood circulation… Here, among other things, are the supposed benefits of the “legs on the wall” position (understand “legs against the wall”), whose hashtag has nearly 20 million views on TikTok, reports an article from the English site Stylist , published on November 17. Simple to set up and accessible to all, this posture, which yoga enthusiasts call “Viparita-karani”, or even half-canddle, presents real physiological benefits, and its effects are immediate. Explanations.

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Reduce stress and anxiety

“Putting the legs against the wall places the hips slightly above the heart, which allows blood to flow directly to the brain,” says Laura Retman, osteopath and yoga teacher in Paris. It will be better oxygenated, and it is from this that the benefits on the body flow.

“By being well oxygenated, and as it regulates blood circulation, the brain will signal to the heart to slow down its heart rate”, specifies the specialist. The heart will in turn tell the brain that it is time to calm down, which will lessen the feeling of stress or anxiety. Combining this posture with breathing exercises will increase the soothing effects tenfold, says the yoga teacher.

“When we breathe deeply, we stimulate the vagus nerve, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system, that is to say that of relaxation, digestion, regeneration… The one that allows us to “come down””, she explains. Irrigation of the brain will also have a revitalizing effect, which can reduce fatigue, but also migraines and headaches.

Promote blood circulation

The half-candle also improves “venous return”. It thus helps to “fight against the sensation of heavy legsswollen ankles, venous problems or painful varicose veins”, all caused by a sedentary lifestyle and regular trampling, assures Laura Retman.

The osteopath particularly encourages athletes to perform this posture after their session, which allows a return to calm after exercise.

Relieve pain associated with menstruation and menopause

The posture of “Viparita-karani” will also relieve “the region of the small pelvis in women, that is to say the ovaries, the uterus, and the whole area between the lower abdomen and the pubis”, describes the osteopath. It will also “decongest” the psoas muscle, the hip flexor. “By working the hip opening, we relax the muscle. This relieves in particular in case of period pain or during the onset of menopause,” she informs.

Perform the half-candle in comfort

Easily achievable, the posture does not require any flexibility. To perform it, you lie on your back, on a mat or a bed, with your buttocks glued to the wall. The legs are stretched or almost, depending on the flexibility of each. The heels touch the wall. “Feeling tingling in the legs is normal, because the blood is circulating, warns the osteopath. We stop when the feeling is too unpleasant and we try again the next day.

Once in this posture, if necessary, you can position a cushion under the neck or a blanket under the buttocks, to promote comfort. The arms can be on the chest, along the body, or stretched out, at 90 degrees on each side of the bust. “You can also massage your neck or thighs to release tension,” she says.

The half-candle can be done daily, for 2 to 30 minutes, according to your desires. If the desired effect is relaxation, it can be done in the evening before going to sleep. “In an anxious person, the posture can have a relaxing-stimulating effect, when getting out of bed in the morning.” However, be careful not to get up too quickly, at the risk of having your head dizzy.

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This Simple Pose Calms the Brain and Reduces Stress

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