The 5 Best Yoga Poses to Eliminate Holiday Excess

After the end-of-year celebrations and the excess calories that go with it, good resolutions must be on the menu of your plates! Some take up sport when others opt for a proper detox. But there is a practice that has also been emulated for some time: yoga postures!

So, if you have the soul of a yogi and want to eliminate the excesses of the holidays, here are 5 positions to test as soon as possible.

1. Seated Twist

This is one of the simplest yoga postures… but not the least effective, quite the contrary. According to the experts of the site OLY Bea specialist in yoga classes in France, this is THE basic position to do good for your body in order to eliminate the turkey and the Yule log…among others!

This actually helps to stimulate blood circulation in the digestive organs (intestinal, liver, pancreas, etc.) while massaging them deeply.

The position in detail:

  • Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you;
  • bring the right leg towards you by bending it and place the foot outside the left knee;
  • be sure to keep your back straight then put your left arm outside the right knee.
  • put the right arm on the ground behind you and turn the bust while looking far behind;
  • breathe calmly then switch sides.

2. The cobra

Yoga poses - cobra

The so-called cobra posture helps to “open the heart chakra”. Thanks to this “opening of the heart”, you will stretch your abdomen and relax your stomach, which will aid digestion. This posture would also be beneficial for stimulating the functions of the thyroid glands.

The position in detail:

  • lie on your stomach, legs straight and feet together;
  • place the hands under the shoulders, at chest level;
  • lift the upper body while inhaling and make sure to leave the pelvis glued to the mat;
  • look far ahead and take a few breaths;
  • take a rest while exhaling slowly.

3. The pliers

Yoga poses - gripper

We now move on to forward bends! With the clamp, you will be able to stimulate your liver, but also the kidneys and the pancreas. Note that this type of posture can be performed standing if your flexibility allows it !

The position in detail:

  • Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you;
  • slowly stretch your arms forward keeping your back straight for as long as possible;
  • slowly drop forward so that your torso touches your legs (or at least comes close to them);
  • if you can, grab your calves, ankles or feet with your hands.

4. The knee-chest posture

Yoga poses - chest knees

When you are a pro yogawe also speak ofApanasana. This is one of the best postures to eliminate excesses, since it notably boosts blood circulation, boosts transit and eliminates toxins.

The position in detail:

  • Lie on your back;
  • bring the knees to the chest and hold the position for several minutes while breathing deeply through the belly.
  • Possibly make some pendulum movements to relieve yourself.

5. The cat-cow: one of the most famous yoga postures

Yoga Poses - Cow Cat

Yes, yoga postures sometimes have crazy names. But finally, this name is often very evocative…as in the case of this position of the cat / cow.

Simple to perform and very complete, this posture helps to mobilize your spine while offering a thorough massage and stretching of your internal organs (mainly the intestine). It is ideal for facilitating transit and boosting circulation!

The position in detail:

  • Get on all fours with hands under shoulders and hips above knees, with feet slightly apart (like a cat or a cow, in fact);
  • arch your back looking upwards as you exhale;
  • round your back on the exhale, pushing into the points of support and in particular the arms;
  • repeat the movement several times, concentrating well on your breaths.

With these 5 yoga postures, you will do good for your whole body, from your digestive system to your blood circulation. By regularly repeating these movements, you should find a certain serenity on a daily basis and feel real well-being. In short, a good way to start the new year, right?

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The 5 Best Yoga Poses to Eliminate Holiday Excess

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