Tech&Co Fnac-Darty Awards: laptops

The Tech&Co editorial team and the Fnac-Darty Lab present the five laptops in the running to become the product of the year in their category.

From the display to the performance through the autonomy, we have chosen for you the best in the segment of portable PCs. All the models here present are both portable (even ultraportable) and powerful enough to handle most uses without difficulty. Discover our selection of the best smartphones of the years under 500 euros and vote for your favorite.

Asus Zenbook Fold

Ultraportable, the Zenbook Fold is distinguished by its large foldable 17-inch screen perfectly suited for enjoying multimedia content. It constitutes a unique alternative by managing to merge the functions of a laptop and a tablet, which gives it great versatility.

Its fast and resource-efficient processor guarantees a smooth experience and its exemplary finish seduces the most demanding users.

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Acer ConceptD SpatialLabs

Robust and versatile, the ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs is a very beautiful machine with high-end finishes. This laptop is primarily intended for content creators and artists.

Indeed, the latter will certainly appreciate one of its main strengths: its superb 4K 3D stereoscopic screen which, by managing the relief, makes it possible to bring out elements on the screen in three dimensions. With its extensive connectivity and satisfactory performance to deal with all types of tasks, this laptop PC undeniably pulls out of the game.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 ProX 14ARH7

The ultraportable Yoga Slim 7 Pro X has a 14-inch OLED screen with thin borders that can give you quality visuals. Powered by AMD Ryzen 6000 series processors and an AMD graphics card, it offers high-flying performance and rare versatility.

HP Specter x360

In terms of design, handling and quality of finish, the HP Specter x360 arises there. Its OLED screen, almost perfect, is one of its best assets, offering high contrasts and precise colors.

In addition, its XXL autonomy exceeds ten hours and its powerful speakers will convince music lovers and film lovers. It is therefore a very interesting option for anyone looking for a versatile machine.

Macbook Air M2

The MacBook Air M2 literally borders on perfection. Its unfailing power has little equivalent on the market thanks to the integration of Apple’s M2 processor. A velocity that allows it to perform resource-intensive tasks, such as photo editing or video editing, completely fluidly. Its design allows a reduced size and its screen displays perfectly balanced colors as well as very good brightness.

Finally, its autonomy is to be welcomed: it is possible to use the device all day for different tasks (internet browsing, writing articles, social networks, photo editing, etc.) and finish around 50% remaining autonomy at the end of the day. A real success.

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Tech&Co Fnac-Darty Awards: laptops

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