Star Academy: a teacher fired from the show at the last moment!

A Star Academy teacher was fired from the show at the last moment. She gave her opinion on Instagram.

While she enjoyed teaching the students of the Star Academy, Aria Crescendo, yoga teacher, saw his participation canceled by the production at the last minute. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

The professors of Star Academy are talking about them

This season, the teachers of the star Academy spill a lot of ink. But not necessarily for the right reasons.

First of all, there are several piston rumors in the show. At first for Carla, accused of having been boosted by Yanis Marshall, the dance teacher. The young has denied his rumors on the set of TPMP.

Then there is also Anisha who was accused of piston because she would have met Bruno Berberes, the casting director. Rumors also denied by those concerned.

It is for all these reasons that the teachers of the star Academy are not unanimous on the side of the fans. Nor even on the side of the high-ranking members of TF1.

This is the case of Alexia Laroche-Joubert, for example. In an interview given to Jordan De Luxe, she confessed that she did not validate her teachers.

“TF1 may be angry with me for saying that, but I will have kept the old teachers. There was a vibe between them. And it’s hard to create that. They did it after eight years”she explained.

This time, it’s a teacher fired at the last minute before the star Academy who talks about her. And for good reason, she spoke about it on Instagram. MCE TV tells you more!

Aria Crescendo fired at the last minute

Aria Crescendo had to teach yoga to the candidates of the star Academy. At least, that’s what the production had promised him. However, at the last minute, his participation was canceled.

The young mother therefore equipped herself with her Instagram account this Monday, November 7, 2022. She broke the silence on this event that she still has trouble digesting.

“For reasons beyond my control, my visit to Star Academy did not happen. I don’t know if it’s happened in your life to have projects that are close to your heart, and that in the end it doesn’t happen. ? »she explained.

Before adding: “It is not easy to manage when emotionally you make plans and at the last minute everything has to change”.

The one who taught yoga to the candidates of the star Academy in 2005 and 2006, did not hide his disappointment. She wants the production of TF1.

She therefore did not join the team of teachers this year, made up of Yanis Marshall, Laure Ballon, Pierre de Brauer and Adeline Toniutti.

“This environment has always shown me that no matter your talent or your passion or your work rate or your discipline, nothing is ever acquired “she continued.

One thing is sure, the pill is struggling to pass on the side of Aria Crescendo. And we can understand it without any problem!

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Star Academy: a teacher fired from the show at the last moment!

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