Star Academy 2022: this teacher fired just before the launch of the season

Aria Crescendo made some revelations on her Instagram account on Monday, November 7. While she was to participate in the new season of Star Academy, she was removed from the program at the last minute.

On May 3, 2022, great news was announced to TF1 viewers. After several years of absence, the show star Academy has made a comeback, much to the delight of fans of the program. The castle opened its doors to 13 candidates on October 15, who are following courses taught by renowned teachers. However, one of them was kicked out of the program at the last minute. It is Aria Crescendo, yoga teacher. While she was happy to join the castle, her disappointment was immense when she learned that this would not be the case. A revelation made on his Instagram account this Monday, November 7. “For reasons beyond my control, my visit to Star Academy is canceled“, she first revealed before adding: “I don’t know if it’s happened in your life to have projects that are close to your heart, and that in the end it doesn’t happen or that at the last minute, someone else replaces you ?”. Without giving details, Aria Crescendo added: “It’s not easy to manage when emotionally you make plans and at the last minute everything has to change.”

Aria Crescendo is disappointed and she does not hesitate to let it be known. In her publication, the Yoga teacher is transparent with her subscribers. The one who has already taught this discipline to the Academicians in 2005 and 2006 would have loved to try the experience again. “This environment has always shown me that no matter your talent or your passion or your work rate or your discipline, nothing is ever acquired…”, she first confided. Despite her disappointment, Aria Crescendo is trying to stay positive, assuring that another project could perhaps see the light of day in the coming months. “Everything has a purpose! When one door closes, ten more opportunities open up to you.”she said before declaring: “You just have to see them and for that, keeping a positive attitude is the most important thing”. In the rest of her message, the professor reveals, with humor, that she would have had trouble getting to the castle. “In addition, little secret that I share with you, I was seriously worried, because it’s been 2 weeks that I have no more gasoline with the shortage“, she had fun before adding: “The castle is an hour’s drive away and you can’t just take a taxi.” For the time being, neither TF1 nor production have reacted to this very unexpected revelation.

Star Academy: which professor was recently at the heart of a controversy?

This new season of Star Academy is causing a lot of talk on social networks. Those who subscribe to MYTF1 MAX can follow the contestants’ adventures live and throughout the day. During the debrief of a bonus, the tone rose between Julien, who is very popular with viewers and Laure Ballon. The young man had revealed to have made a “anxiety attack” before going on stage. To which the main concerned had simply replied: “You had to pass out then“. A sequence that caused controversy on social networks and the production had to react quickly. The next day, the professor discussed with the candidate to apologize for his behavior from his view.

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Star Academy 2022: this teacher fired just before the launch of the season

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