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Comfort is the No. 1 asset of a sports outfit, whatever discipline you practice. Lately, one piece in particular has caught our attention. It’s the sports suit. And we tell you why it is super practical for practicing yoga or pilates.

Downward facing dog, sun salutation, side angle… yoga positions sometimes require contorting oneself in all directions to tone up, relax and benefit from all the benefits of the discipline. Whatever your level in yoga, pilates or even dance and gymwhat you priority in terms of outfit is obviously comfort and flexibility. That’s why quickly, the whole leggings and brassiere has established itself as the perfect combo for these sports. Today, the trend introduces a new technical garment that is already gaining followers.

The sports suit is the new must-have for sportswomen

The concept ? A tight jumpsuit which completely matches the shape of the body. With long legs like on leggings, or short like on cycling shorts, the sports suit is the new ally of trendy sportswomen. Ocean’s Apart, Nike, Oysho or even Yujthere are many brands to imaginer their own version of this sportswear garment which is becoming increasingly popular. The N°1 asset of the sports suit is of course the comfort it offers. As practical as a leggingsit is often designed with as few inserts as possible. And the fewer the seams, the less the movements are hampered and the pulpits oppressed.

For, Claire Mougenot creator of the eco-responsible activewear brand Luz Collectionsthe sports suit has other advantages: “It is a very comfortable product which helps the fluidity of the mobility because one does not worry about the possible movements of the fabric. This makes the practice more serene. The wetsuit provides real comfort because whatever position you do, there is no risk of an air belly or other.“Practical but also ultra-stylish, some models even offer an appreciable sculpting effect. The sports suit by Luz Collections has for example a flange to be placed under the foot to lengthen the silhouette while providing better support. At the house of Yujthe cutouts are designed specifically for benefit the body. Oysho even imagined a sports suit with sculpting compression fabricperfect to feel beautiful and good even during intense sessions.

Kendall Jenner has already adopted the sports suit Backgrid USA / Bestimage

Is the sports suit better than the leggings for training?

To this question, the answer is obviously: it depends! In terms of comfort, the jumpsuit is as appreciable as the leggings, or even a little more since there are fewer seams and the body is completely enveloped in a cocoon. Even to go out on the street, you can put on a sweat Above your sports suit and stroll at your ease. The only downside is your personal preference. Whether certain disciplines require the wearing of rather tight-fitting clothes, this is not the case of yoga or certain contemporary dances, for example. And it’s not always easy to assume a fully fitted jumpsuit, especially when practicing an activity where the body is put to the test. In short, the sports suit is an excellent alternative to wear according to your desires!

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Sports suit in econyl recycled fishing net Luz Collections, 110 euros Press office
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Oysho extra compressive raise up jumpsuit, 79.99 euros Press office
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YUJ yoga playsuit, 79 euros Press office

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Sports suit: is it better than leggings to practice yoga or pilates? – Here is

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