sport – Yoga, cross training and weightlifting

The Weightlifting Club Avallon (HCA) has made its comeback by pampering its members, with a new schedule of yoga classes and new cross training slots.

Aude Wojtyna has been practicing yoga for ten years. Sophrologist at the Maison de santé d’Avallon, she wanted to become a teacher in order to be able to transmit and share this practice with other people.


Vinyasa yoga is a sequence of dynamic movements, initiated and organized by the breath. He is very creative and free, allows you to exert yourself by working on the alignment of the body. The sequence of postures is done naturally, leaving room for concentration on the execution of the movement and the breathing. In general, the session begins with a connection to oneself, to one’s body and to one’s breathing. Then, make way for stretching with a series of postures. “The benefits of this practice are many. At the level of the body, it helps to regain strength, endurance, flexibility, muscle strengthening, balance, sculpts and tones the silhouette. For the mind, it helps for stress management, calming the mind and emotional state while doing concentration work. Classes will be held every Tuesday morning from 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. at the club’s premises, avenue Victor-Hugo.

For his part, Georges Giner, a recent sports educator, supervises the cross training and weightlifting courses. The first discipline is a method of physical preparation. This activity is based on high-intensity functional movements, combining muscle strengthening exercises, weightlifting, gymnastics (squats, pumps, lifting weights, etc.) and cardio efforts (rowing machine, bicycle, jump rope, etc.).

“It is possible to do weightlifting while weighing 45 kg”

Each training circuit is adapted according to the people. “Each individual has different needs, depending on age, physical condition… I adapt my lessons according to the level. Classes are supervised and guided step by step, allowing each person to progress at their own pace. »

Concerning weightlifting, Olympic discipline of strength for men or women, it is possible to do it in competition and in leisure. This sport is expressed through two specific movements: the snatch and the clean and jerk. They require technique, flexibility and dynamism. The lessons take place in two parts: the practice of the two technical movements, then muscle strengthening (squat, pulling, lunge, cladding, full body strengthening).

“This sport is accessible from the age of 11. We have organized our courses in different age categories: 11-12 years old, 13-15 years old, 16 years old and over. It is also important to specify that there are categories of body weight, it is thus possible to do weightlifting by weighing 45 kg. Weightlifting is an individual sport, but we develop team spirit and cohesion by training together. Practitioners follow a common program, which is then adapted according to the needs of each. »

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sport – Yoga, cross training and weightlifting

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