Six places to practice yoga this summer – Challenges

Having become a very fashionable sports practice in recent years, yoga is now well established in Paris. Philosophy and way of life for some, it is recognized to have physical, mental and spiritual benefits. During yoga classes, it is often mentioned the fact of cultivating one’s inner “self”. But what does it really consist of? This practice, which would date from the 3rd millennium BC and which would have emerged in India, consists mainly of gentle exercises. Relaxation, flexibility, posture, concentration… There are many forms of yoga, some more dynamic than others. Here are five Parisian studios where to practice yoga this summer.

YUJ Yoga Studio – the most liberating

In the heart of the Parisian golden triangle, a stone’s throw from the Champs-Elysées, YUJ Studio welcomes its clients for yoga sessions focused on concentration and letting go. In this urban cocoon without mirrors and with subdued candlelight, students are invited to install their carpet and enjoy a Flow or Yin session. The first, rather dynamic, focuses on the repetition of sequences of movements to free your mind. While the second, deeper, offers postures held for several minutes in order to let go and breathe. The ideal place to enjoy a well-being break.

YUJ Yoga Studio, 9 rue Magellan, 75008 Paris.

Royal Monceau Raffles Paris – the most detox

Head for the Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris to experience a “morning routine” combining physical exercise and relaxation. The morning begins with breakfast at La Cuisine restaurant, where a “detox breakfast goal” is offered, as well as a more gourmet version with creations by Quentin Lechat. Afterwards, clients are invited to enjoy a Hatha Yoga class composed of dynamic exercises within the Spa Clarins & myBlend. To end the experience in style, customers have access to the spa pool and have detox juices, the opportunity to relax before starting the weekend.

Spa Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris Credit: Karine Bouvatier

Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris, 37 avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris.

EPISOD – the softest

This summer, Nation’s EPISOD studio is unveiling three new disciplines including “slow vinyasa”, a gentle version of Vinyãsa with more fluid and creative exercises. The goal? Awaken the body gradually. A practice that allows all students to evolve at their levels and according to their energies. The session starts with stretching and greetings before moving on to postures combining movement and breathing, then ends with a relaxation phase for harmony of body and mind. The studio also offers Hatha Yoga, Yin Nidra Yoga or even pilates sessions, something to satisfy all desires.

EPISOD Credit: Albin Durand

EPISOD, 226 boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris.

KALON x HNAM – the most elegant

Classes to sculpt your body like dancers in Parisian cabarets. This is what Kalon offers in collaboration with the studio of the Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers. In the program ? The Kalon yoga bar on the ground, a dynamic course in Vinyãsa style to work all parts of the body. Thanks to this session, students develop flexibility, balance, coordination and posture through a dance. All this guided by coaches who offer simple elements of ballet to bring a touch of elegance. As a result, the body is both stronger and graceful and the mind is relaxed.

KALON x HNAM yoga class Credit: Kalon x HNAM

Studio National, 243 rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris.

RIISE Studio – the most intense

Direction the former Post Office of the Louvre where the second RIISE studio has settled. While keeping the Eiffel architecture of the time, the team has been able to develop a real place to live in a minimalist and relaxing setting. For 50 minutes, students benefit from an intense practice combining Vinyãsa yoga (gentle and modern exercises) and muscle strengthening for deep body work. Immersed in darkness, they are guided by a coach and lively music that favors the connection between body and mind, but also sensations.

Studio Riise Louvre Credit: Riise

Studio RIISE Louvre, 43 rue Etienne Marcel, 75002 Paris.

Café Aristide – the most intimate

It is on the hidden terrace of Café Aristide, in the heart of Montmartre, that Tigre Yoga Play (application) and Luz (sportswear brand) are joining forces to offer Vinyãsa yoga classes punctuated by music. live and surrounded by greenery. This practice offers a complete relaxation of body and mind with several exercises to be performed on the mat. The ideal place to enjoy a moment of relaxation in a bucolic and intimate setting. At the end of these lessons, Mr. Aristide offers the students a refreshing drink. An appointment to be found every Wednesday and Friday morning.

Aristide Café garden Credit: Benoit Linero

Mr. Aristide, 3 rue Aristide Bruant, 75018 Paris.

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Six places to practice yoga this summer – Challenges

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