Remedy chronic back pain

What there is to know

Back pain can materialize in different ways depending on the individual, and the location of the pain itself is subject to variation: from the neck to the cervical, to the hips, through the entire column. vertebral (including muscles and nerves).

Our sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes because sitting all day at your desk, not exercising regularly and eating unbalanced or in excess only makes things worse. Indeed, an overweight person imposes constraints on his skeleton, his muscles and his joints, which, in the long term, causes additional problems which then often affect the back.

In a completely different vein, you should know that tension, anxiety and daily stress can also be aggravating factors for this famous back pain. We then think back to this expression of the French language according to which “we have plenty of backs”.

For younger populations, back pain can come from all sorts of causes, physical or mental. It can be a problem related to the musculature, the framework or the skeleton (very often the vertebrae), the cores of the lumbar discs, or certain nerves (in particular the sciatic nerve) which can be pinched or compressed.

What to do in case of recurrent and intense back pain?

It is essential to work on the flexibility of the back and to do this, there are simple exercises to practice. They will give back to your spine the flexibility it lacks and which is the cause of the pain you are experiencing.

Then, it must be kept in mind that muscular capacity is essential in the fight against back pain. Indeed, these are the muscles that protect the back, sheath it and keep it in good position, including (and perhaps even especially!) when you move. The postural muscles that are involved are innumerable; however, the abdominals and lats need to be prioritized and strengthened in order to achieve both significant and very rapid improvement – you will realize this in less than 10 days if you work correctly.

It is also very often advisable to go for a walk on a regular basis, even daily, as well as small stretching and yoga sessions. Swimming is also widely acclaimed. In fact, the worst enemy of chronic back pain is simply moving, exercising even a little bit. If you stick to this union minimum (for the body and well-being), then you are already almost halfway there!

In conclusion

If back pain is indeed often decked out with the nickname “evil of the century”, it is not by chance or without foundation. Indeed, it is a concern that can be very penalizing in everyday life. Anyway, do not hesitate to consult your doctor or a physiotherapist, they will be able to give you the way to follow, which will be best suited to your own situation.

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Remedy chronic back pain

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