Pont-l’Evêque: two well-being professionals move into the same space

Céline Forget, sophrologist, and Annelyse Auffret, reiki practitioner and yoga teacher. ©Camille RUFFRAY / The Pays d’Auge

They are neighbors in Reux, they now share the same workplace. Céline Forget, sophrologist, and Annelyse Auffret, reiki practitioner and yoga teacher, have just moved to Pont-l’Evêque (Calvados), in the osteopathy practice of Deborah Verhaque. The tandem of women shares their space for three days each.

Céline Forget for sophrology

A 46-year-old IT project manager at the same time, Céline Forget officially exercises as a sophrologist since one month. “I had already tried sophrology about twenty years ago, it had brought me things but I had abandoned it for other wellness techniques. When I tried again by chance a few years ago, it was completely obvious. It made so much sense to me that it was not enough for me to practice, I also wanted to share, ”she says. After two years of training at the center of professional sophrologists in Caen, Céline Forget therefore began his conversion.

It offers individual or small group sessions. “Sophrology is a relaxation method which is based on breathing, muscle relaxation and mental imagery. It helps to manage stress, emotions, sleep problems, but also to prepare for exams, sports competitions, help with memorization, or just take a break for yourself. »

Annelyse Auffret, for yoga and reiki

Annelyse Auffret, 46, has so far practiced at home or remotely. A graduate of studies in ethology specializing in criminology, the one who studied human and animal behavior mainly pursued a career in management. A follower of these two activities, she wanted to start with the desire to “do good to others”.

It offers individual sessions of three form yoga : hatha yoga, the most common, yin-yoga, the most “relaxing” and chair yoga, for those with balance or mobility issues. She also offers reiki sessions, a method of energy healing from Chinese medicine. “I don’t manipulate, I just touch certain parts of the body to scan it and release tension. This helps to soothe anxiety, treat insomnia problems or even trauma, ”explains the patrician, who also works with animals.

Well aware of the excesses of “well-being-ology”, they wish to emphasize that they do not replace any health professional. The two well-being professionals, who are also looking for rooms to offer group sessions, hope one day unite their two disciplines for “sophro-yoga” sessions.

22 bis, rue du Long Clos in Pont-l’Evêque. Contact: Celine Forget, 07 85 83 80 04, [email protected], www.forget-sophrologue.fr; Annelyse Auffret, 06 68 55 00 96, www.annelyse-auffret.fr

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Pont-l’Evêque: two well-being professionals move into the same space

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