outarville – Sports and Leisure is in good shape

The volunteers of the Association sports et loisirs du canton d’Outarville (Aselco) met in an ordinary and then extraordinary general assembly on Friday evening. Sylvie Colas, president of Aselco, opened the ball by starting with the ordinary general assembly.

The meeting informed the audience about course attendance in 2021-2022. The season recorded 145 members. The anniversary of the association, the implementation of adapted physical activities with the territorial hospital group and the arrival of a yoga teacher are among the highlights of the year.

Help for families

For 2022-2023, the association currently announces 139 members. New registrations are always possible: 40 people do yoga, 17 Nordic walking, 56 Pilates, 81 fitness, cardio and muscle reinforcement, 8 body defense, 34 Step and 13 for the senior gym section. 7 children follow the martial arts session. Among the new projects, a sale of chocolates with the “initiatives” system for Christmas has already raised 350 euros. Membership prices remain unchanged. Aselco wants to continue to make sport accessible. This is possible thanks to the balanced budget.

In addition, the association continues to offer young people aged 15 to 25 and families a series of aids with the Yep’s scheme. This is a financial aid of 20 euros for access to sports practice.

The amended statutes

After the ordinary general meeting, Sylvie Colas tackles the extraordinary general meeting. The statutes which dated from 1979 have been modified. From now on, the structure is called: Association sports and leisure of the communes of Outarvillois. The term canton replaced by commune has disappeared. And for good reason, “it made perfect sense when Outarville was a township. Now it’s not anymore, ”explains the president. The association is still looking for volunteers to be members of the board of directors since a couple has resigned from the board.

Information. Aselco telephone: For membership, holiday vouchers whether from employers or pension funds are accepted.

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outarville – Sports and Leisure is in good shape

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