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With the temperature rising and summer just around the corner, we want to wear colorful looks and create a casual style based on little shorts and dresses as light as the breeze.

By Hélène Kaufmant

Like every year, higher levels of sunshine erase our seasonal depression and make us happier and happiness-prone. With this state of mind, our purchases and our little whims are more recurrent… But if there is no harm in indulging in pleasure from time to time, your wallet will be grateful to you. invest in quality parts that you can keep for many years.

Revisit the essentials of a walk-in closet Coachella

Cool, relaxed or even sexy, festival looks have it all. And above all: they evoke the promise of a good time this summer. Whether you’re more rock, glamour, bohemian or grunge, there’s something for everyone. However, what matters most during these events is to opt for the right combinations of accessories and when you are a novice, this can quickly be a headache.

Here are some of our top tips:

  • A top suitable for active nights and frantic dancing aka: which absorbs and regulates perspiration!
  • Who says music festival also says open air. We are therefore never safe from rain that was not invited to the party… To remedy this, nothing better than to have a parka. Lightweight, it doesn’t get (too) hot and does its job well. This way, you avoid getting soaked to the skin.
  • Closed shoes, resistant to liquids… An accident with your glass or that of your neighbor can happen quickly!
  • Avoid wearing jeans. Already because it keeps you warm and does not regulate our body temperature well. And above all because once we sweat in it, the cotton retains ad vitam eternal this humidity…

Our favorite combo : a loose t-shirt that also doubles as a dress like this onemini shorts to put on underneath, rubber boots and a parka.

Give freshness to the essentials of a summer wardrobe

Finally, renewing your dressing room is not synonymous with reckless spending. The key is simply found in the investment of a few strong pieces that we can then associate with our other basics. It is THE piece that makes THE outfit. To do this, you can let your imagination run wild and opt for flashy colors, extravagant patterns, unusual cuts, etc. The key is to know how to handle the art of combining materials so as not to succumb to the panicky mercury.

Gym King Crop Top Summer

To do this, here are some basic principles to know:

The subjects

In summer, light and natural materials are the ones that absolutely must be prioritized. Fresher, they allow you to let your body and your skin breathe. Unlike light pieces but mainly made of synthetic fibers, which are certainly pleasant in contact with the skin but which quickly give you the feeling of sweating (much more).

Discover our top 3:

  1. The cotton, soft, resistant and absorbent. He has it all. Its great advantage is that it is easily found, its production being globalized. But the advantage of this disadvantage is that as many produce it, you have to pay close attention to the labels brands like GOTS (respect for workers and consumer health) or Oeko tex (which ensures a fabric that does not involve any risk when you wear it).
  2. linen, breathable, rot-proof, it is the ally of hot summers. And his must it is that he is in essence eco-friendly. Indeed, 80% of its global production is located in Europe!
  3. bamboo fiber, airy to the touch, antibacterial (it limits the formation of bad odours), and is anti-UV. The bamboo fiber has more than one trick up its sleeve and in addition to being elegant, it is particularly suitable for extreme situations such as during outdoor sports sessions.

The trick : is to choose products that have a light and fine weave. Indeed, the material must already appear on the visual very flexible and fluid.

cuts and colors

We will not repeat it enough, but summer more than any other season, you have to leave your body alone and let it live. Say goodbye to overly fitted cuts that stick to the skin, make you sweat and do not adapt to the natural swelling of your body.

It is therefore necessary at all costs to bet on fluidity, airy cuts and light colors which absorb little solar radiation. We say without hesitation yes to the total white look.

Our advice : in summer, our feet also tend to swell. To avoid making them see all the colors, it is best to opt for comfortable flat sandals, like these.

Now that you have everything you need to dress for this summer, all you have to do is enjoy the heat!

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Our best tips for dressing trendy and comfy this summer – Ô Magazine

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