Near Pont-Audemer, yoga and sophrology classes in a soothing and green setting

From left to right, Caroline, Claudie and Céline run the Bien-être association in Condé. ©©Well-being association in Condé

The “Wellness in Condé” association, chaired by Claudie Queval, was created a year ago. It offers its members group yoga and sophrology sessions, ensuring that it is accessible to all, while ensuring fair compensation for stakeholders. Classes take place at the community hall of Condé-sur-Risle, near Pont-Audemer (Eure) in a green setting near the pond. They are provided by Caroline Boulan (yoga) and Céline Pierre (sophrology).

Yoga, “an art of living”

Caroline Boulan has been a certified yoga teacher since 2016. She teaches yoga with the aim of reconciling people with their bodies. “Yoga, she explains, is not a sport but a therapeutic art of living allowing to reduce stress, anxiety, to support the digestive fire but above all allowing the person to find a state of well-being. being inner (calming the agitated mind) and outer (feeling good in your body). I train regularly to offer quality courses. Whether you are flexible or not, yoga adapts to the person. In addition to my job as a yoga teacher, I am an Ayurveda therapist. Ayurveda is the Indian naturopathy considered the little sister of yoga. »

The teacher also teaches hatha yoga, “a traditional form of yoga. Hatha yoga is a gentle yoga that improves flexibility. We take the time to explore the postures in a static way while being in the consciousness of the breath. » Times of rest and meditation are included in hatha yoga. This yoga would also, according to Caroline Boulan, reduce back problems.

That’s not all: she also teaches vinyasa yoga, a dynamic and athletic form of yoga. “People fluidly link different series of postures by harmonizing movement and breath. This type of yoga is not suitable for people with tendonitis, shoulder and wrist problems, as arm strength is required. However, variations are made for beginners. »

The career of Céline Pierre

After nearly twenty years in the fields of health, safety, quality and the environment in the industry sector, Céline Pierre joined the Training Center for Professional Sophrologists (CFSP) in Normandy in October 2020. The CFSP provides two-year training representing 440 hours of training, i.e. 55 days in the center and application courses (animating a group independently) to which are added training and personal work necessary to integrate the techniques. The level of qualification of the CFSP is level 5 recognized by the State (RNCP). »

The professor details: “I intervene in the four fields of application of sophrology: health, prevention, pedagogy, the sports field. At the end of her training, Céline will welcome her clients at 127, rue du Neubourg in Grand Bourgtheroulde. At the same time, she will lead group sessions, particularly within the association Bien-être à Condé.

The origins of sophrology

The word sophrology comes from the Greek: “Sos”: harmony, balance; “Phren”: mind, consciousness; “Logos”: scholarly discourse, study; or “Study of Consciousness in Harmony”.

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It consists of a set of dynamic or static relaxation techniques associated, depending on the case, with breathing techniques and positive evocations. Training in these techniques makes it possible to become aware of one’s resources and capacities in order to improve one’s quality of life, both personal and professional: stress management, emotional management, pain management, improvement of the quality of sleep , concentration, memory, self-confidence, and preparation for an event (school exam, sports competition, public speaking, etc.).

Practical: The price for yoga lessons is €210 for one lesson per week, including €10 for association membership, which amounts to around €6 per lesson throughout the year. The price for sophrology alone is also €210, and for members who practice both activities, the association charges €350 for the year. For sophrology (all ages), classes take place on Mondays from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. For yoga: Wednesdays from 6:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. (hatha yoga), Thursdays from 6:15 p.m. to 7 p.m. 15 p.m. (hatha yoga) or 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (dynamic yoga). Website address for more information: “. Facebook pages: @CelinePierreSophrologue and @espritholistique. Instagram: spirit_holistic_. Association: @bienetreconde.

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Near Pont-Audemer, yoga and sophrology classes in a soothing and green setting

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