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Do you want your children to discover the world of yoga in a playful and fun way? Namaste could be the Game what you need.

Do you want your children to discover the world of yoga in a playful and fun way? Children in the world of Yoga? Namaste could be the game for you.

Yoga is also suitable for children, as proven by the fact that more and more schools and associations around the world are offering it as an activity, even for the youngest, with excellent results. Along with themed classes and books, there is now a fun game that introduces kids to the world of yoga.

Her name is Namaste and she was developed in collaboration with Lorena Pajalungafounder and president of AIYB Italian Children’s Yoga Association. It consists of 5 different game modes consisting of simple movements that engage children by exploiting well 40 slots (Asanas) selected as accessible to young children and illustrated by Lorenzo Terranera.

Each card represents a position and these are divided into two groups: the green cards which contain the easy positions and the purple cards which represent the 20 more difficult positions (in fact less easy!). This distinction helps the adult who guides the game to select the most suitable for the age group.

Each map shows the original name of the position in Sanskrit but don’t worry, in the instructions you will also find the Italian translation. But the information does not stop there: for each Asana, the recommended inspiration is also described, as well as all the details on how best to perform it and what you learn by practicing it.

Each card belongs to a category depending on the objective to be achieved with this specific pose:

  • Concentration: iThe Third Eye – Single Look
  • Energy: The Kundalini Serpent – ​​The Awakening Force
  • FlexibilityBamboo – The ability to adapt
  • Stability: Stones in Balance – Effortless
  • StretchesThe Zen Ark – It stretches but does not break

In addition to the card kit, the game box contains two wooden dice, a book of instructions and explanations of the 40 asanas and a wooden and brass gong with a hammer.

How to play

There are five standard game modes (you can find the rules in detail here):

  • Make up your own story
  • Remember the sequence
  • Compose the quartet
  • Guess the name
  • pass the master

Nothing, however, prevents you from adapting the game and invent new fashions. You can also play with young children (from 3 years old) but in this case, it is necessary that an adult is the “master” or the moderator of the game. On the other hand, from about 6 years old, children can also play independently, taking turns being the facilitators.

The positions should be performed slowly, depending on the flexibility of each child. Of course, you shouldn’t force them to do more, that’s not the point of the game.

You can buy Namaste at well-stocked toy stores or online.

Isn’t this a simple and fun way to bring the practice of yoga to life for children and, why not, for adults?

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Namaste: the beautiful game to introduce children to yoga – Media Patrollers

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