MOUNDOUVOU: Cécile, free and fulfilled in Costa Rica

Cécile grew up in Reunion, in the district of La Bretagne. After living in metropolitan France and traveling for 2 years around the world, the young woman decided to put her bags down in Costa Rica. In the country for 4 years now, Cécile shares her daily life with you on in the #MOUNDOUVOU section.

Originally from Reunion, Cécile had plans to live abroad. Very quickly, Costa Rica won her heart and the girl settled down, arriving as a yoga teacher. “I even organized my first yoga retreat there. For almost 2 years, I taught yoga and did a lot of black work to be able to live peacefully. I did 4 jobs at a time at a time in fields varied such as marketing, social media management, real estate, or reception in the Yoga center where I taught”, begins Cecile. The young woman continues: “And since obtaining my residency, I have taken up a traditional position in human resources in a company”.

In the meantime, the Reunionese has resumed her studies and is following a master’s degree in clinical psychology remotely while working on the side.

A brave woman

Courageous and determined, Cécile did not hesitate for a second to set off on an adventure in Costa Rica. “I’m not afraid of failure. And I don’t let fear easily stop me. I’m a pretty determined person, extremely curious, nature-loving, animal-loving, adventurous, quite emotional and deeply connected to my inner childshe says about her personality.

The choice of Costa Rica

Leaving his native island was a choice on his part. “I love my island but I’ve always felt cramped there, and not really in my place, it’s always been a very strange feeling, an anchorage that I’ve never really had, as if I was supposed to be “elsewhere”. My father was a great traveler in his youth and I think he infected me with his wanderlust. Since very young, I had the project to leave, so when I had my baccalaureate at 18, I left to study and work in mainland France”develops Cécile.

After a few years in France, Cécile decided to go around the world, which she dreamed of when she was little. “I traveled almost 2 years in search of my new home, the place where I would finally feel at home. I traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala where I passed my yoga teacher certification, and eventually Costa Rica”, she says. Very quickly seduced by the country and by the mentality and the way of life of the inhabitants, Cécile settled there. “After making this decision, I met a Tico (a Costa Rican) who later became my husband. And a year and a half later I got my residency so I could settle down and work legally “she finishes.

The latter also admits that she misses her family, as well as Reunion cuisine but also the lalon, the hikes and the landscapes of Reunion.

His way of life in the country

Cécile badly needed nature and freedom. “I decided to live a life where I don’t need a vacation, where I don’t worry anymore on Sunday evening because the next day is Monday”, says the young woman. Living in Playa Hermosa, a peaceful family neighborhood, Cécile works feels good. “I work from home in flexible hours, 3 minutes from the beach and the surrounding waterfalls”she says.

His adaptation in the country was done naturally and without any worries. “I love the change, I speak English and Spanish fluently, it’s a real advantage, and I fell in love with Costa Rica the first day I set foot there”explains the young woman won over by the destination she defines as “simple”. She explains: “Barter always works. You can get what you want, other than money, in exchange for your skills. The cost of living is the same as in Reunion. The days are all different because they are rhythmic by the weather”. Indeed, Cécile adapts her days which are finally divided between work and the small pleasures that Costa Rica has to offer such as a surf session, a trip to the river or even a sunset with friends.

His projects

In the short term, Cécile plans to return to Reunion in September to recharge her batteries with her family, after 3 years of absence due to the Covid-19 health crisis. “My other projects revolve around Yoga retreats and mental health awareness that I want to organize”, she concludes.

His message to Reunionese

“Explore. See the world. There is no greater inner richness than discovering different cultures. Be curious, try, fail, get back up, carry on, celebrate your successes, be proud, but never stop learning, it’s the key to fulfillment and happiness”.

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MOUNDOUVOU: Cécile, free and fulfilled in Costa Rica

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