Lunel: well-being on the program of the next thematic day of the P’tit rendez-vous

The young association, which wishes to promote intercultural and intergenerational links, has called on well-being professionals to lead various workshops, this Saturday, April 23, on the forecourt of the old station.

It’s a day against stress and small or big hassles that is being prepared on the forecourt of the old station. This Saturday, April 23, the association Le p’tit rendez-vous, which wants to launch an associative café in Lunel and is currently seeking to make itself known by organizing theme days, is offering a day dedicated to well-being. . To do this, the association’s volunteers asked several professionals from the sector to intervene throughout the day.

“Pros” such as Joëlle Arnas, masseuse-reflexologist and Julie Gavalda, yoga teacher in Lunel-Viel, who are used to this type of meeting, immediately responded. Before the health crisis, these two friends were already organizing similar events at Espace Castel with the Synergies association and various partners.

Workshops from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We love being together and this type of meeting allows people to come and meet us directly”, specifies Julie Gavalda. “It also allows us to be known and to make known the association Le P’tit rendez-vous”, adds Joëlle Arnas. This time, it is on the forecourt of the old train station, outside (if spring is still there) that the well-being professionals of Lunellois have agreed to meet the public. An environment that no stakeholder apprehends: “ Noises bring you back to the present moment, they are not a constraint. Everything is better outside”assures Joëlle Arnas.

During this day, with her colleague Patrice Marchal, a shiatsu-Do-In practitioner, the latter will offer, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., seated massages lasting about a quarter of an hour to people passing through. Virginie Noack, yoga teacher will also be present to practice, in situ, plantar reflexology sessions.

For her part, Céline Botella will lead a workshop on managing emotions related to health. Naturopath by profession, she will give explanations on her still little-known activity which allows you to take care of your physical and emotional health only by natural means. It will be, this Saturday, only a collective work, in particular on the emotional side.

As for Julie Gavalda’s intervention, it will take the form of a yoga session but directed towards breathing and knowing one’s breath. “We are going to talk about breathing and relaxation techniques. The public will be actors”, she says. A workshop open to all: “No level is required, it’s yoga that adapts to people”, insists Julie Gavalda.

To enhance this day of tranquility, the speakers will offer tea, coffee and delicacies. Financial participation in the various workshops will be free.

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Lunel: well-being on the program of the next thematic day of the P’tit rendez-vous

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