Like Adam Levine, many men call (or want to call) their baby an ex

When we learned that Adam Levine would been unfaithful, this is ultimately not what shocked us the most in this story. Yes, it’s awful. But the worst thing is that he would have liked to call his unborn son after his ex-mistress. This one Sumner Stroh, published a screenshot of a message he would have sent her, in which he makes an unusual request: “Okay, serious question. I’m having another baby and if it’s a boy, I’d really like to name him Sumner. Do you mind? I’m REALLY serious”. And apparently, he’s far from the only one who wants to name his child after his ex or someone the fathers have had a crush on.

These women named after their father’s exes

Dana Omari, a beauty influencer who helped expose Adam Levine’s infidelity, has received many messages from women who have similar stories and we’ve also seen plenty of them on Twitter since this hype. In stories in the spotlight on his Instagram profile, we discover edifying testimonies. “My grandfather, who was a pastor, named one of my aunts as one of his mistresses”says one person. “A man who was obsessed with me for a few years and tried to seduce me (while being permanently married) called his new baby by a variation of my first name. He always tried to tell me that my first name was so beautiful. It’s shocking and disgusting”says a woman.

“My stepmother was called after her father’s mistress”, “My dad told me years ago that he called me after one of his ex-girlfriends he dated before he met my mom. I asked why and he said it was because he had always had fond memories of her”, “I am named after a postwoman that my grandfather thought was very beautiful, I am literally named after the one my grandfather wanted as a mistress”, “My father wanted to give me the first name of his mistress. My mother realized it and went to register my first name without him”can we also read.

A list of forbidden names, an essential

Asked by the Huffington Post American, Pamela Redmond, CEO of the site of first names Nameberry, explains that this is exactly why it is necessary that the future parents establish a list of prohibited first names. On this one, we can write that we refuse the first names of characters from horror films, serial killers, family members that we do not carry in our hearts… And obviously, that we do not does not want the other to propose the first name of an ex. “No matter how pretty the first name is, I don’t think we should use an ex’s first name for a baby, period. We may not have residual feelings anymore, but the first name always has strong associations that are not the same for both parents and that can cause future conflict”, underlines the specialist. The problem is that by reading the testimonials, we realize that many women are unaware that the father chose the first name of their ex. Even by making such a list, nothing says that they will not hide the truth about the origin of their idea…

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Like Adam Levine, many men call (or want to call) their baby an ex

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