Laura Felpin in 7 clues: “Yoga taught me that I could be gentle and stay calm”

Born in Mulhouse, she has been wearing glasses since the age of 3 months. In Laura Felpin’s collection, on the stage of the Théâtre des Mathurins (Paris 8th arrondissement) from October 6 to October 29, 2022: rimless glasses for a serious look, but also frames with “large simple leaf and rubber checks” chosen by her mother , clown and ceramic teacher.


“At 10, I dreamed of having Britney Spears’ blue-tinted lenses, but their technology was not compatible with my myopia and my strabismus.”

Her visual disturbances pushed her to develop her sense of repartee.


As a child, she tirelessly sings the credits of the series Dawson, I Don’t Want to Wait.

At 17, she was selected to perform before the jury of The New Star. “You are like the grape when it is not ripe enough, comments Philippe Manoeuvre. It is still a little bitter.” André Manoukian finds him “a bit of a Renaud side, I don’t give a damn”.

In fact, she is freaked out.

The artistic director regularly came to see me to tell me that my characters were going to die.


After having been a saleswoman in an Esprit boutique and reception adviser at the Crédit Mutuel counter in Kingersheim, she found the little job of her dreams at the end of high school: employed in a call center.

“As I was a good speaker, I did a series of satisfaction surveys… After a few weeks, I had an office all to myself where I called Nuxe customers to find out if they liked their creams.” Enough to repay his overdraft of a thousand euros.


At 22, after a heartbreak, she left her native Alsace to move to Paris as an au pair.

At the same time, she knocked on the door of the dubbing studios in La Plaine Saint-Denis and won a few voices.

“The artistic director regularly came to see me to tell me that my characters were going to die.”

She ends up dubbing one of the heroines of season 8 of Real Housewives: Beverly Hills.


She met her co-author Cédric Salaun during dubbing training.

“It was the guy, deep Brittany style who discovers the big city, with his portable Windows in his briefcase… We immediately became friends.”

They’ve since shared a ritual of “eating sugar in front of something as bad as sugar. This year we were addicted to the Kardashians. A big date for us.”


As a strong person, yoga taught me that I could be gentle and stay calm.”

I invested in leggings to look American. Looks like I’m gonna walk my dogs in LA

Subscribe to YouTube channel Yoga with Adrieneshe went on a yoga retreat in Italian Switzerland.

“For a long time, I put on a rotten T-shirt that my father had given me with the inscription: ‘Sport is the school of life’ but I invested in leggings to have the American look. Looks like I’m going to walk my dogs in LA, that’s great!” His favorite position? The dog is upside down.


His show was to be called It’ll be OK. But a few hours before releasing the poster, a humorist drew a single stage of the same title.

Among her characters, her favorite is Laëtitia Goulard, an up-and-coming influencer… “She is the product of social networks, she has never opened a book but promotes body positive. She reminds me of those girls who sell cosmetic care without having the talent.”

On the other hand, she deleted the mother of the family “cassos”, which she often played on Instagram. “She tired me…” Her credo: always love her characters.

It goes by Laura Felpin and Cédric Salaun, directed by Nicolas Vital, from October 6 to 29 at the Théâtre des Mathurins, Paris 8th, then on tour in France.

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Laura Felpin in 7 clues: “Yoga taught me that I could be gentle and stay calm”

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