In 10 minutes a day, facial reflexology will give you superb skin (in addition to soothing you)

You already know the foot reflexology ? The facial reflexology will do you as much good… With additional sublimating properties, since it also ensures glowing skin and an action anti-aging ! Or the ancestral technique that has something to delight all fans of “inside out” beauty.

In reflexology, each reflex zone is connected to an organ of the body. By stimulating them, we work remotely on their dysfunctions! That’s good, “the head contains more than 300 reflex zones”, as we specify Aurelia Delsolthe founder of the method “face soul yoga”, which combines facial yoga, breathing exercises, acupressure and self-massage. As she throws a smart stylus with Seasonlyand reveals the right gestures to follow in video on the application face soul yogato practice it at home, Aurélia reveals exclusively for the benefits of facial reflexology, inside and out.

Facial reflexology: effects on the body and the mind

“This natural relaxation technique helps the body heal itself. It rebalances / harmonizes the body as a whole. By stimulating certain points of the face (which contains more than 300 reflex zones), the organs and parts of the body connected to it are supported. The whole body is represented on the face. Practicing facial yoga and facial reflexology therefore allows us to be more connected to him and to listen and understand what he is telling us. Our body is not against, but with us. He sends us messages to feel better about ourselves (provided we listen to them). The practice of facial reflexology dissipates the stress and tensions and helps to restore the proper functioning of the body called homeostasis, by regulating physical and emotional dysfunctions. If we feel a little anxious, that our solar plexus contracts, use a stylus (or a clean pencil) and stroke the bridge of your nose (which corresponds to the spine) several times. You will want to yawn and you will feel more relaxed. Do you have a little loose liver? Place the tip of the pen just below your right cheekbone in line with your nostrils. By stimulating this area you de-inflame and soothe the liver (and also reduce water retention in your body). Are you having trouble digesting? Make small circles all around the mouth (there is the digestive system).”

Superb skin

“Everything that happens in our body is reflected in our face and in our mood. By stimulating certain parts of the face, we boost microcirculation and relieve tension. The physical results are real: softening of facial features, reduction of dark circleslymph drainage, better skin quality… With a daily routine of 10 minutes a day, we quickly see wrinkles faded, the oval of the face redrawn, a more lively and awake look and plumper lips.”

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In 10 minutes a day, facial reflexology will give you superb skin (in addition to soothing you)

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