Goodbye wrinkles! Welcome to facial yoga.

Taking care of your face to look younger is a necessity. We fight time and our wrinkles take their place in our different facial features that transform us into faded flowers, full of stories to tell. Nowadays, several techniques are available to us to stay young and keep our skin shiny and glowing like a 20 year old girl. In this article, we are going to reveal two of the miracle secrets that you can do on your own for a few minutes at home, with effective and relevant effects.

Have you heard of face yoga?

Eh yes ! Everyone knows the practices of yoga and its benefits on physical and mental health. Moreover, it is through yoga that the majority have learned that the state of mind and spirit is the most important to face obstacles in daily life. Rest and relaxation will not only do you good, but also promote blood circulation and the proper functioning of the nervous system. Face yoga has gained momentum thanks to social networks, videos that scroll and follow each other, one after another whose impact has become increasingly major thanks to the autonomous and easy-to-do practices n anywhere and anytime.

What is facial yoga?

Facial yoga or facial yoga is a special workout for the facial muscles. Various exercises are combined that relax the face, strengthen muscles and increase general well-being. A few minutes a day promise a visible anti-aging effect.

How effective is facial yoga?

Influence always comes from celebrities. Their work requires them to be beautiful, slim, elegant and above all to have young and radiant skin. In search of perfection, some have resorted to cosmetic surgery, while others have preferred a healthy and natural ritual which is facial yoga.

Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate winslet and our dear heroine “Lucy Lawless” who interpreted the role of Xena the warrior, swear by this beauty trend. By combining muscle tension and relaxation as well as light massages with the hands, the skin is irrigated, firmed and regains a natural glow. The first successes are visible after a few training sessions.

Even studies prove the effectiveness of facial yoga: women who regularly exercise their facial muscles look younger and healthier. It’s time to try facial gymnastics for yourself!

The benefits of facial yoga at a glance:

  • Small wrinkles are reduced.
  • Skin aging is slowed down.
  • Tired eyes are invigorated.
  • The hanging corners of the mouth disappear.
  • Cheeks appear tense and rosy.
  • The contours of the face are smoothed.
  • The double chin is tightened.

How does facial yoga work?

You can do facial muscle training at home without much effort. There are many simple exercises that activate different areas of the face. You can train the forehead, cheeks, neck, eye area, lips and décolletage. The best ? You don’t need any tools and props, all yoga exercises are performed through facial expressions or using your hands.

Before starting Facial Yoga, it is important to cleanse your hands and face thoroughly. It is best to use micellar water to remove makeup residue and dead skin.

If you have dry skin, you should apply a rich moisturizing cream or serum before training. This allows the fingers to glide better over the skin. In addition, the components of the product can develop their effect in depth. There are several ranges of serums and moisturizers to choose carefully depending on the nature of your skin.

Facial yoga: the 7 best exercises.

Choose a quiet place for complete concentration.

Sit or stand in front of a mirror for facial exercises. Tie your hair up to appreciate your facial expressions.

Kissing exercise:

This exercise works the lower portion of the facial muscles, including the cheeks, lips, and neck. Push your chin up slightly and form the mouth into a kiss. Pull your cheeks inward and purse your lips as much as possible.

Hold this position for 60 seconds. Then puff out your cheeks with air to get into the opposite position.

Press firmly on lips for 20 seconds. Relax briefly and repeat the sequence five times.

Satchmo exercise:

Annelise Hagen, the author of “the yoga face” indicates that this exercise is the best way to prevent sagging cheeks thanks to its ability to tone the muscles in the cheek area.

Take a deep breath, then start moving the air from the left cheek to the right cheek and back until you’re out of breath.

This technique was inspired by horn players who have firm cheeks through playing the instrument.

Exercise Prom Queen:

Stretch the corners of the mouth towards the ears with a slightly upward smile as if you are laughing very hard. Keep your eyes wide open to work the eye area at the same time. The crazier you look, the better!

Hold this position for five to ten seconds and you will feel the stretch from the cheeks towards the ears.

Exercise to make the face of the smiling fish:

Make the fishy face: Suck your cheeks inward until your lips form the infinity sign or number 8

Stay frozen for 5 seconds then try to maintain the grimace while smiling. Smiling helps lift the lower face upwards and helps tone the cheeks at the same time.

Exercises crow’s feet wrinkles:

Start isolating your lower eyelids by staring into the mirror. Next, place your index finger in the corner of the eye and pull the eyelid upwards, then start blinking from bottom to top. Do this technique 20 times on each side and you will see the reduction of wrinkles around the eyes

Exercises against double chin:

Clench your fists and place them side by side under your chin. Then try to open your mouth while applying gentle upward pressure with your hands. To be applied approximately 20 times.

Another exercise: Look up and stretch your neck. Next, push your lower jaw forward as far as you can. Hold the position for 15 seconds.

Toned forehead exercise

With facial yoga, you can tighten your forehead in a natural way and minimize wrinkles after a period of time. There are many different exercises that provide a lifting effect around the eyes and forehead.

Place your ring finger at the beginning of your eyebrow and your middle finger at the highest point. Then, gently pull the skin down with your fingers while pushing your eyebrows up.

Another exercise: Position your index finger at the beginning of one eyebrow, your middle finger between your eyebrows and your ring finger on the other eyebrow. Swipe your fingers up 15 times with light pressure.

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Goodbye wrinkles! Welcome to facial yoga.

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