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Joëlle Pradeau in a white blouse and Véronique Gallet, the day reception manager (in red pants).

Everyone knows Yoga, has perhaps practiced it, or at least heard of it, it is this bodily and spiritual discipline which aims to free the mind from the constraints of the body, by controlling its movement. , its rhythm and its breath. But does Laughter Yoga speak to most of us? That day, at La Résidence du Tertre, the Fronsac nursing home, there was the Accueil de Jour group.

Baptiste Spinella the director of this Ehpad explains “the day care group consists of 8 people, aged between 70 and 80, taken to our house for the day by a carer, a husband, a wife, or a child, who needs a day to breathe, to go shopping or to see a doctor, and the people we welcome are generally at the beginning of a slight loss of autonomy, or with cognitive dementia which sets in gradually, or quite simply (but more rarely) people elderly who are bored at home and coming here to day care allows them to have a social life that they no longer have at home since they are alone there”.

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Laughter yoga mixes laughter and the yoga breaths, the body and the brain are thus more oxygenated and this guarantees an increase in energy.

Véronique Gallet, the day care manager at the Fronsac nursing home, was already working with Joëlle Pradeau, a sophrologist based in Fronsac. “When Joëlle offered me her second role, that of Laughter Yoga leader, the management and I immediately joined the project, there is an expectation on the part of our residents and people in reception by day. »

Balm to the heart

Joëlle Pradeau knows it “Laughter yoga is a non-drug therapy beneficial for the elderly, it’s good for your health, it’s a great way to reduce anxiety disorders, it restores self-confidence, it’s is a combination of practical exercises combining laughter and yoga breathing, the body and the brain are thus more oxygenated and this guarantees an increase in energy. »

Baptiste Spinella admits it “ the first time I heard those bursts of laughter behind the door I really wondered what was going on, but we have to admit that Laughter Yoga is a real benefit for our residents, it creates a bond social, it develops their well-being, and it reduces their anxiety, their stress. »

Joëlle Pradeau, who until now had her office in Fronsac, will join, from September “The Libournaise House of Well-Being» but she will continue her sessions at La Résidence du Tertre de Fronsac, to continue with the elders these exercises of breathing, laughter, guided relaxation, these exchanges with them and to have the happiness of hearing Suzon, a day resident say after an hour of laughter yoga“This session is heart-warming. »

Valerie Bardin


Joëlle Pradeau sophrologist and Laughter Yoga facilitator: 06 82 97 74 37.

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Fronsac: Laughter Yoga enters the retirement home! – The Resistant

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