Face yoga: is it effective? Discover the revolutionary technique to stay young!

Time flies so fast when we’re caught up in this chaotic thing we call life. These fleeting moments that we spend worrying about trivial problems that will no longer matter in a few years, begin to have consequences not only on our interior… But also on our exterior. Let’s face it… None of us want to grow old. It’s strange how our packaging changes over the years, but we kind of stay the same on the inside. We can, and many of us do, slow down the aging process by doing expensive beauty procedures like botox, facelifts, fillers and more… What if we told you that there is a trick that can make your face shine and firm your skin? You’ve probably heard of it, but never tried it. Face yoga is the revolutionary technique we will be talking about today!

Is facial yoga effective?

This technique was born in Japan thanks to Fumiko Takatsu. In fact, she had suffered a serious car accident that changed her life for the worse. The structure of her face was never the same again, she lost the glow she had before. So she had an idea. What if she trained her facial muscles to lift her skin and make her look younger? So there are two different types of exercises taught by Fumiko. The first consists in contracting the muscles so that they rise and the second in relaxing others, so that the wrinkles no longer appear… All this using your fingers! After Fumiko started getting positive changes on her face, the others started asking her what the secret was. So she made it public. And millions of people around the world have used this healthy and free revitalizing technique! Now let’s see which facial yoga pose you need to incorporate into your skin care routine !

Face yoga poses

Here’s how to do facial yoga postures! For your information, if you want to get the best results, you have to practice them religiously every day. You will start to see changes after two or three months maximum. Trust us: the wait is worth it! There are different areas of the face that you need to work on: forehead, cheeks, eyes, upper lip and chin. Similarly, some people devote 10 minutes to face yoga, others around 30. It all depends on you, your schedule and your habits. However, here is another positive aspect that will make you want to integrate it into your routine: it allows you to reduce stress and anxiety, while making you look fabulous! Besides, it’s hard to explain if you don’t have a visual, so we’ve prepared an informative video on the subject for you!

Sometimes we’re all lazy or terribly busy when it comes to our skin. Are you often too tired to put on moisturizer after washing your face at night? Or are you too overworked to even wash it? You try tostop smoking, but you can’t and you see the effects on your pores and wrinkles? Do you ever wear sunscreen outside? We get it… However, these bad habits, as small and insignificant as they may seem at the time, can do great damage to your skin in the long run. So… What to do to look younger? Here’s a little checklist, just to get you on the right track.

Get a silk cushion cover and change it daily.

Cotton crushes your face and makes wrinkles more visible over the years.

Start a beauty routine.

When you wake up, wash your face with a gel or a foam, then put on a tonic to be radiant, a vitamin C serum for a more youthful appearance, a moisturizing cream and a Solar cream if you expose yourself to the sun. Repeat the operation during the evening.

Change your eating habits.

Follow a healthy diet will have a positive effect on the texture and elasticity of your skin. Forget carbohydrates, alcohol and cigarettes. Make an effort to be healthy, not only for your image, but also for you!

Stay hydrated.

This is one of the most important aspects. Drinking water is crucial for the health of your skin.

Implement face yoga in your daily life.

It’s easy, free and has beneficial results for millions of people around the world. It costs nothing to try now, does it?

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Face yoga: is it effective? Discover the revolutionary technique to stay young!

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