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Yoga brings together several postures, breathing techniques and specific gestures to improve your well-being. But there are a multitude of yogas, ranging from meditative practices to more dynamic techniques. The equipment evolves according to the practice chosen, in particular in terms of mat thickness. To take full advantage of the benefits of this millennial art of living, the choice of quality equipment is essential. This is what Chin Mudra offers, with an eco-responsible approach in the design, manufacture and packaging of its yoga clothing and accessories.

The Shiva Moon yoga mat, designed for your well-being

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The dimensions, thickness and grip capacity are among the points to consider when choosing a yoga mat. For example, 4mm mats are not just for beginners, but for advanced practitioners, or for serious beginners who want to progress, 4mm is often used for Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. For cozy people a soft 6mm mat is recommended or for Ashtanga yoga a fairly dense 6mm is perfect, thin 1.5mm or 2.5mm mats are perfect for travel, or as a mat or for Iyengar yoga .

After years of research and development Chin Mudra has created the mat that matches and adapts to all yoga practices.

the Shiva moon yoga mat designed by Chin Mudra consists of a new generation material. This polyurethane offers improved tear or scratch resistance. Antimicrobial, Shiva Moon wicks away sweat naturally, without causing slippage. The alignment guide helps you position yourself correctly on the mat during your practice.

This new generation yoga mat with standard dimensions (185 cm x 68 cm and 4 mm thick) adapts to different practices. It is available in several colors, with the golden impression of the mutra – or seal – of the brand:

• Black/gold

• White/gold

• Duck blue/gold

• Purple/Gold

• Saffron yellow/gold

• Almond green/gold

Freedom of movement with suitable clothing and accessories

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Each gesture has its importance in yoga. The outfit worn during practice must remain comfortable and flexible. The yoga clothes for women or for men Chin Mudra are made of organic cotton that is soft to the touch. They promote ease of movement in changing postures.

Depending on your type of yoga or your experience, some postures can be difficult to hold for a long time. Depending on your firmness preferences, the Zafu meditation cushion is available in two types of filling:

• Organic spelled, a cereal offering balanced support between firmness and softness;

• Kapok, a light and rot-proof natural fibre, providing firm support.

You can complete your equipment with several yoga props. Towels, blankets and other water bottles provide welcome comfort after a session. For your exercises, yoga blocks consist of EVA foam, cork or wood.

The straps accompany your movements or keep your arms in position during specific postures. They are made of 100% organic cotton, a material that is both soft and robust. Let your color preferences speak for themselves, with a choice of bright or pastel shades.

Much more than a yoga shop, a philosophy and values

Ecological values ​​are at the heart of Chin Mudra’s philosophy. It all started with an observation and a difficulty in finding technical equipment that respects the environment. Anxious to offer the best to people practicing yoga, the two founders had the idea of ​​creating an online store.

Chin Mudra — a name chosen in honor of the eponymous gesture — offers its customers a wide range of reliable and durable yoga clothing, accessories and equipment. The materials used in the design of the products of the online store meet strict criteriacertified by several labels (ECOCert, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, SGS, Aitex “Made in Green”, FSC, etc.).

The Shiva Moon yoga mat is no exception to the brand’s quality rule. The spiritual character of the golden pattern contributes to your relaxation and your inner well-being. The plastic-free packaging gives way to recycled tissue paper and a biodegradable cornstarch envelope.

A true art of living, yoga is a state of mind in its own right. In nearly 20 years of existence, Chin Mudra online store satisfies its customers with quality yoga accessories and clothing. The new Shiva Moon mat is positioned as one of the best yoga mats, for its technical and ecological characteristics.

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Chin Mudra presents the new Shiva Moon yoga mat – Gala

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