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Yoga asanas are already physically demanding, but mastering them in weightlessness takes another level of skill. However, a European Space Agency astronaut seems to have it all. A new viral video shows astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti striking a series of yoga poses in space. She can be seen following the instructions of an instructor from Cosmic Kids, a children’s yoga platform, while performing the asanas on the International Space Station. “What happens when you try to do yoga in SPACE? Meet @AstroSamantha the astronaut doing CosmicKids on the ISS! Watch it here:

“On Earth, we have gravity that makes poses work. But in space, there is only microgravity. Thus, your body is weightless. It makes yoga difficult,” the instructor explained at the start of the full video shared on Youtube. She seemed to have a perfect plan to help Cristoforetti practice yoga in space. And at first glance, Cristoforetti succeeded.

To say that people were surprised would be an understatement. The astronaut adding rubber bands to the routine made it even more impressive to some. “Wow, Samantha, you’re doing your yoga in space. Wow, that’s beautiful, and become commander of international space stations. Yeah for sure it’s more female power,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another user commented, “Take your yoga practice to new heights! It’s out of this world amazing! I love your creativity, Samantha!

Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti is on Mission Minerva, which is her second mission to the International Space Station. During the flight to and from the ISS, she will be a Mission Specialist, and on the station, she will be a USOS Lead. Cristoforetti will support several European and international experiments in orbit. She was selected by the European Space Agency in 2009 as the first Italian female astronaut. Cristoforetti also holds the record for the longest continuous spaceflight by a woman, Euronext reported. She is also the first European woman to command the International Space Station.

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Astronaut does yoga in space and leaves the internet stunned – Up News Info

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