6 local companies hosting yoga retreats to get away from it all this winter

If you want to start the new year under the sign of self care and healing, what could be better than a yoga retreat? Even better if it allows you to escape the cold!

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Here are 6 companies that are organizing yoga retreats to get the hell out of here this winter:


WeTreat offers various immersive retreats in nature to allow participants to get away from everyday life and encourage introspection. Three fundamental pillars guide all stays: yoga, training and well-being. The retreats are mixed and open to all levels. Perfect for all those who are looking for surpassing themselves and human connections.

The next retreat will take place from January 28 to February 4, 2023 in Dominical, Costa Rica.


2. Dosha-Yoga

Dream weeks in heavenly places, that’s what Dosha Yoga offers. The studio offers three distinct types of retreats, depending on your desires. Yogini retreats focus on connection with feminine power, Mystical retreats encourage the discovery of celestial power and Adventure retreats are ideal for those who crave pleasure and extraordinary experiences.

The next retreat will take place from March 11 to 18, 2023 in Nicaragua.


3. Yulgo travels

Yulgo Travels is a travel agency that promotes sustainable tourism to ensure the well-being of host communities and promotes universal accessibility to provide travel opportunities for ALL. They organize several small group yoga retreats throughout the year, both in Asia and in South America or Europe.

The next retreat will be April 11-24, 2023 in Bali, Indonesia.

Yulgo Travels

4. Em Yoga Experience

Unique, wild and heavenly destinations await you if you jump into the Em Yoga experience. Since 2021, Em Yoga Experience has been working to create a community in which people benefit physically, but also mentally and emotionally from the teachings of yoga. Tailor-made retreats combine the practice of yoga, adventure and relaxation, regardless of the chosen destination.

The next retreat will be April 25-31, 2023, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Em Yoga Experience

5. Alexandra Yoga

The Alexandra Yoga studio is a true haven of peace founded by Alex, a yoga teacher since 2009 and well known to yoga enthusiasts in the Laurentians region. During its retreats, the studio encourages you to let yourself be enveloped by the tropical heat without resistance and to immerse yourself in the serenity of meditations. It gives the taste!

The next retreat will take place from February 4 to 11, 2023, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Alexandra Yoga

BONUS: Local Retreat

6. Mao Yoga

The Maõ Yoga studio makes sure to offer a modern, dynamic and accessible yoga experience to all. Their weekend retreats in the Laurentians are ideal for deepening your practice and breathing some fresh air without too many commitments. Beyond the Yoga classes, the retreat offers guided meditations and workshops on self-confidence and the importance of the present moment.

The next retreat will take place from February 10 to 12, 2023 at the Havre du Rocher convent, in Val-Morin.

Mywhere Yoga

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6 local companies hosting yoga retreats to get away from it all this winter

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