4 yoga postures to lose weight

We know it, the yoga is a physical activity but above all a philosophy of life, which helps to keep a healthy and balanced mind. In addition to clearing your mind, this practice can also help to refine the whole body.

However, not all types of yoga are created equal. Some are more suitable for weight loss than others. To lose weight, we prefer a more dynamic yoga likeAshtanga where the vinyasa to gentle yoga of the genre yin-yoga Where nidra. An energetic yoga makes it possible to chain the various postures more quickly, which leads to a greater expenditure of calories. The body refines more quickly.

However, slower yoga can also be very effective. Indeed, the postures are held longer. This allows you to work and strengthen the muscles in depth. These slower types of yoga like the yin for example are based on breathing and working on flexibility. Working on flexibility allows you to build muscle and appear leaner.

Vinyasa yoga teacher Aurélie Durand advises on the benefits of Vinyasa yoga. “It is a dynamic yoga in which we will synchronize the flow of postures or asanas with breath control. We thus arrive at a state of meditation on the move, perfect for minds that find it hard to turn off. We work on muscle resistance, elasticity, muscle tone but also joint protection. Finally, a work of meditation and relaxation allows you to let go at the end of the course. This state is essential for the body to produce more hormones of happiness, in connection with lasting weight loss.

The postures do not have a magic slimming effect. However, it is the sequence of different asanas which makes it possible to strengthen and stretch both the upper and the lower body. Associated with a healthy lifestylea regular practice makes it possible to obtain light legs, a muscular back, a belly flatter and thinner arms. In short, to maintain a pretty figure!

The posture of the little Cobra: for a flat stomach

The Little Cobra Pose is one of the Sun Salutation asanas. To do this, lie on your stomach on your yoga mat. Place your palms face down next to your chest as if you want to stand up. Inhale then raise your chest slowly until your arms are outstretched. The posture should not cause pain. Hold this position for two breaths and relax your body as you exhale.

Repeat this exercise four to six times, taking a short break between each repetition. This posture will allow you to strengthen your abs and burn fat in the belly.. By dint of repetition and sequence, you will obtain a flat belly.

The Shalabasana posture: strengthen the abdominal strap

For this posture, start by lying on your stomach with your legs relaxed.
Then activate the legs and glutes, lift your feet while keeping them active. Raise your chest slightly and bring your arms back, along the body. Hands extended and lifted above the ground.

Once you have found your position, hold it for two breaths, then, exhaling, return to your initial position. Repeat this posture four to six times, taking a short break between each repetition.

Aurélie Durand, Vinyasa yoga teacher, Yoga Alliance certified, explains: “For this posture, the key is the activation of the legs and glutes to protect the lumbar. You will also stimulate the digestive system to strengthen the abdominal belt.

The boat posture: to strengthen the back

The Boat pose is ideal for slim and firm the belly. It also has the advantage of helping to strengthen the lower back for a long time. To start this pose, lie on your back with your legs straight and your arms along your body.

When inhaling through your nose, raise your legs to the sky. Elsa Pena Ruiz, yoga teacher “recommends at the beginning to be able to bend the knees, it is a very difficult posture when you start.” With your hands, try to reach your toes while staying straight. You are in a “V” shape. Try to maintain this angle and breathe normally trying to hold this position for 15 seconds. On an exhale, gently release this posture.

This position is to be repeated three times in a row, with a short break between each. This posture is ideal for developing the abdominals, but also building muscle and refining the back and the legs.

The plank: a complete asana

You surely know this posture, without knowing that it comes from the practice of yoga. The plank has the advantage of working the whole body, and especially the arms, shoulders, abdomen, back, buttocks and thighs.

To start this pose, lie on your stomach. Position your hands on the floor below your shoulders and raise yourself up on them. Each hand is under each shoulder. Push off the floor with your hands to create space between the shoulder blades. The bottom of your body stand on tiptoe and upper body in push-up position. Stay in this position for thirty seconds, breathing normally through your nose. Slowly release this pose, exhaling until you reach your floor mat.

This is a complete exercise that engages all the muscles of the body. A good way to gain!

Regularity and diet for better results

To lose weight, it must be remembered that the results do not arrive after having chained four postures. Regularity is essential to achieve weight loss over time and above all, to keep the results. It is recommended to practice one hour per session, ideally three times a week. The most important thing is to find the rhythm that suits you best. Maybe you prefer to start with a quarter of an hour every day, then increase the time of your sessions.

One thing is certain: the results will come if they are accompanied by a feed varied and balanced and a healthy lifestyle. During your sessions, remember to hydrate yourself before, during and after your yoga session. It is best not to eat before practicing, some postures work the digestive system and may bother you, in particular the twists and activation of the abdomen.

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4 yoga postures to lose weight

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