3 must-try yoga classes in Paris

To all those who are tired of doing their sun salutations alone, in the cramped living room of their small Parisian apartment, here are three yoga classes given in the capital that modernize the practice and make you think that well-being rhymes also with collective.

3 must-try yoga classes in Paris

1. The bar yoga class on the ground by KALON at the Hotel National des Arts et Métiers

Forget everything you think you know about yoga. Chase from your head the images of the thirty-year-old in pink leggings and a hair band whispering “namaste” on a carpet, in a green garden, staring firmly at the horizon. Let go, too, of your memories of conventional postures – from the sun salutation to the dog pose, including the postures of the child or the warrior – and your preconceived ideas. Invented by those who teach it, the KALON movement offers fitness training designed to develop full-length muscles, like those of dancers. Because the concept was completely imagined by dancers from the world-renowned Parisian magazine Crazy Horse, it adapts to all needs, offering several variations, ranging from dancing in heels to yoga. Taking KALON classes therefore means having the possibility of working on your cardio, your breathing, your endurance and your serenity – all of this via online teaching or a physical version. Since May 16, 2022, teachers and dancers have been giving lessons within the sublime Hotel National des Arts et Métiers, in the heart of the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. In the ultra-spacious and impressive room with its Art Deco style, we get together for vinyasa yoga (rhythmic) mixed with floor barre (body-building workout inspired by classical dance warm-ups). Elegant and tonic, the movements would almost make you want to embark on a professional career…

Floor barre yoga class by KALON

Sundays at 12:30 p.m. at the Hotel National des Arts et Métiers

243 St. Martin Street

Paris III

3 must-try yoga classes in Paris
3 must-try yoga classes in Paris

3. Clotilde Chaumet’s morning routine at Daroco

To all those who would seek, through yoga, the opportunity to spend themselves: go your way… Admittedly, the practice can be tiring, releasing endorphins and seen as a stress reliever, but there is no question here of leaving a lesson feeling like you have run ten kilometres. And Clotilde Chaumet understood it well. The one who provides, with her TIHHY Morning Routine concept, very energetic flow yoga classes where – and this is an understatement – ​​you don’t get bored, comes to settle in the most popular Italian table in Paris Daroco for a gentle morning routine. Located in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement, rue Vivienne, the restaurant which is always full for lunch and dinner (especially since it opened its second address in the 16th arrondissement) is therefore pushing all its tables to offer the most valiant. ive mornings rich in well-being, stretching and musical and sensory awakening. With an appointment at 8.15 a.m., the early birds meet in the main room of the restaurant founded in 2016 to follow the sequences offered by Clotilde Chaumet, yoga star in France who trained in Los Angeles – and well-being influencer in her spare time (her Instagram account cumulating more than forty thousand subscribers). On the program: a sharp hip-hop playlist, a few sun salutations and, above all, a sharing between the teacher and her students who, while she burns incense and practices sound bath (sound vibrations generated to meditate), keep telling them that the world belongs to them. You have to admit it: even if you already knew it, it’s always nice to hear it said.

morning routine Clotilde Chaumetlast session of the first session on June 28

DAROCO Scholarship

6 Vivienne Street

Paris II

3 must-try yoga classes in Paris
3 must-try yoga classes in Paris

2. La Montgolfière yoga classes

The social sports club La Montgolfière continues to be talked about. It’s very simple: Parisians, whether they live in the extreme north or south of the capital, meet just a stone’s throw from Place de la République in this unique and soothing space to spend their energy, both in groups or alone. Founded in 2018 in a place that has had a thousand lives, where a hot-air balloon factory, an SNCF workshop and even filming studios that belonged to Luc Besson have succeeded one another, La Montgolfière offers, above its co-working space and his round restaurant located on the ground floor, group yoga classes. In addition to providing weight training and cardio training machines and dispensing boxing training, there are, in a one hundred and fifty square meter room, yoga, pilates, meditation and various dance classes. Here, Number tested vinyasa yoga, an hour of dynamic sequences punctuated by breathing. With an ultra-smiling teacher, you come out boosted, with the desire to try other practices taught here, from yin yoga (designed to release joint tension) to classical yoga (given on a playlist of classical music).

The yoga classes of social sports club La Montgolfière can be booked online here.

The hot-air balloon

25, rue Yves Toudic

Paris X

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3 must-try yoga classes in Paris

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