3 dance classes to try in Paris to shake up your habits

Need to spice up your usual sporting activity, or simply want to get back into sport? Why not try these unique dance classes in Paris? We tested them for you, we tell you what we think.

Who said it was obligatory to love the runningwhere the bike to get back into shape ? Notice to fans of dance, and new challenges… These new dance sports at the forefront of the trend are arriving in our sports routine. The opportunity to revisit not only our usual classical lessons, but also the practice of yoga as we know it. What to expect, where to adopt them and at what price ? Find out.

1. Air Dancing Yoga, Dancefloor Paris (11th)

You said Air Dancing Yoga ? This is a term that may seem abstract when one imagines the yoga in its most traditional form. In reality, it is an activity combining yoga poses, muscle buildingcardio and dance on a musical background. The way to no longer choose between all these disciplines finally! And it happens every Friday from 12:45 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. at Dance floor Paris, a small studio nestled in the 11th arrondissement, which also has a coffee shop. Time at which we went, curious to discover this new concept adapted to “all levels” beginners including, which was our case. Upon our arrival, we can only notice the environment of the studio: girly pink floors and colored neon lights stand out at the entrance, and the dance halls available are numerous. Inside, large mirrors, and plenty of space for a relatively uncrowded course in the case of the Air Dancing Yoga, in comparison to other studios. The little extra: the establishment provides the exercise mat. All you have to do is grab it to start the sequence under the benevolent eye of Beatrix M, the trainer.

© Dancefloor Paris

The first stage of training? The warm-up, which turned out to be more intense than one might have thought. Maintained positions, work on the thighs and arms… This is an opportunity to discover the iconic postures of yoga, but also to work on your cardio from the first minutes, by reproducing the movements broken down before our eyes, slowly at first, then faster in a choreography… And in music! Music that wants to be very current and trendy. Sometimes catchy, sometimes hovering, they very quickly allowed us to divert our mind from the pain to anchor us in the present moment.

The result ? The feeling of having worked hard, while having fun. The perfect option for non-athletes, dance enthusiasts looking for new challenges, and those who want hasimprove their posture. A pleasure break in your day, to come and honor in the sports outfit in which you feel best, and which the studio offers to extend with a shower, or a sauna session in the women’s locker room. All for a cost of 25 euros per session, or 89 euros per month for one lesson per week. All you have to do is try!

2. Hip-hop lessons at Slowe Wellness House (10th).

Want to exercise, while reproducing your favorite sequences against a background of US rap or R&B? the hip-hop class from home Slowe Wellness House makes it all possible. And just for that, we wanted to test. On Thursday from 6.45 to 7.15 p.m., we went to the studio in the 10th arrondissement of Paris for one of the classes organized for “all levels combined”. At first glance, the studio is quite small, and the rooms don’t have a lot of space. On the other hand, they are well equipped: large mirrors and good light… All the conditions are met for a top class supervised by Hervé Vr Sevendancer and choreographer by profession.

© Slowe Wellness House

The course outline? A first relatively quick warm-up stage, before moving on to learning a choreography, the real object of our visit. A choreography that Hervé Vr Sept first broke down in front of us, step by step, before linking it to music over several sequences. One word to describe it: intense For the less athletic or those for whom it is the first lesson, it may seem relatively difficult from the point of view of its technicality and its speed. On the other hand, if you want to exercise, it is the perfect option to sweat well while having fun, at the price of 28 euros per session, or 220 euros for 10 classes. To extend your Slowe experience, you can also take advantage of the studio’s showers, as well as the coffee shop available at the entrance. Enough to honor the saying ” after the effort the comfort! “.

© Slowe Wellness House

3. Dance class in “Heels”, Dancefloor Paris (11th).

Want to boost your sex appeal? Why not opt ​​for the dance heelsthis sensual dance in heels that will awaken your inner femme fatale. A concept that the studio also offers Dance floor Paris, among the large choice of disciplines made available. A course to be found every Sunday from 4 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. between the walls of the pink studio, and in which we also took part just for you. And to believe the number of participants, there is no doubt that we were not going to be disappointed. As a first step therefore: a barefoot warm-up, then a few crossings in heels to teach us to familiarize ourselves with, and to gain confidence. To allow you to be stable on your heels, it is better to favor boots, at least for the first lessons. Regarding the height and shape of the heel, it all depends on your comfort, even if pretty shoes always make the difference!

A datum which will be essential following the course, which at Dance floor Paris, is illustrated by another exercise: improvisation. A teaching that Bérénice R, the teacher of heels performs at each of its lessons in groups of 5, but which is not compulsory for the most reluctant, although recommended. The goal ? Assume yourself, and free yourself with the watchword: sensuality. In the closet personal and interior prejudices therefore, one assumes one’s femininity. And the atmosphere between the different dancers makes it clear, encouraged by Bérénice, the instigator of this mantra. What definitely lower our mental barriers, and begin to discover the femme fatale who lies dormant in us. And like every self-respecting dance class, comes learning the choreography of the month! An exercise that the teacher breaks down step by step, before trying it out in music. And what better way to do that than to do it on Beyonce? A staging that has the benefit not only of surpassing ourselves but also of giving us the shot of personal confidence that we deserve, to be adopted for 25 euros per session, or 89 euros per month for one session per week. No more excuses not to try!

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3 dance classes to try in Paris to shake up your habits

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