Woman owl tattoo: Meaning and 30 ideas in pictures to appropriate this motif full of symbolism

Tattoos are far from being mere decorations on the skin. Rather, they present works of art that are loaded with meaning, symbolism and emotion. Getting a tattoo is probably one of the most personal and permanent decisions you can make in your life. It is therefore important to think carefully about the motif and the representation. The animal tattoo belongs to the most sporty models and with good reason. Today, we decipher the female owl tattoo by revealing its meaning and presenting you with a host of ideas to copy. Follow us without delay!

Owl tattoo meaning

Particularly rich in symbolism, the owl tattoo is a fairly popular choice that we adopt in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. These fascinating birds are generally associated with witchcraft, medicine, birth and death. However, the most famous meaning is undoubtedly wisdom. Given their ability to see in the dark, owls are particularly associated with the idea of ​​perceiving illusions and deceptions. In other words, they can see what others can’t, that’s real wisdom.

Considering that it is a nocturnal bird, the owl is also considered mysterious and magical. It still represents the purity of the soul.

Preferred locations

female owl tattoo on the back preferred locations

Which part of the body to choose to wear a female owl tattoo? So this popular inkage can literally be worn everywhere and comes in many shapes, sizes and designs. The back and thigh tend to house large tattoos while the ankle and wrist prefer rather minimalist designs. If you are therefore looking for a discreet woman tattoo, the owl comes to your rescue to adorn your skin in a discreet and feminine way. Other star locations include the forearm, collarbone, and neck. Regardless of the place chosen, the female owl tattoo adapts easily to all parts of the body.

After answering the most frequently asked questions, namely the meaning of the owl tattoo and its key locations, we invite you to discover our gallery which includes the most inspiring ideas. Focus!

Ideas in female owl tattoo images

ideas in pictures owl tattoo woman on the wrist

Colorful Tattoos Are Bold, But Very Privileged

watercolor woman owl tattoo on the shoulder blade colorful tattoo

Why not combine the owl tattoo with sunflower flowers?

owl tattoo idea and sunflower flowers colorful tattoo

Pretty delicate representation of owl and moon with floral motifs

small owl tattoo on female back

Cute and Colorful Sleeping Owl Idea

colorful owl animal tattoo on back

Minimalist owl tattoo on ankle easy to hide as needed

tattoo animals owl tattoo on the ankle inkage woman

Female forearm owl tattoo embellished with clean-lined flowers

owl tattoo forearm woman delicate drawing flower tattoo

Owl adorned with flowers advocating darker tones

owl tattoo forearm woman inkage idea with flowers

Owl with colorful eyes tattoo on forearm

owl tattoo forearm woman idea small discreet tattoo

Trendy and structured, geometric patterns have it all!

owl tattoo forearm woman geometric tattoo idea

Owl and colorful dreamcatcher: two mysterious patterns to combine

colorful owl tattoo for women forearm

Owl tattoo woman thigh in XXL format

owl tattoo woman thigh mandala way colorful tattoo XXL

Owl tattoo idea for the most daring girls

owl tattoo woman thigh large tattoo

The female thigh is known to harbor XXL tattoos

owl tattoo woman thigh big size

The owl combines with the mandala to create a trendy tattoo

owl tattoo woman thigh mandala large tattoo XXL

Geometric designs bring dynamism to each inkage

Geometric Owl Tattoo Minimalist Woman Arm Tattoo

Female mandala owl tattoo idea on thigh

mandala owl tattoo on the thigh feminine drawing idea

Elegant and feminine, the mandala-style owl tattoo is very popular with girls

mandala owl tattoo on the thigh idea tattoo trend woman

Feel free to add white to your owl tattoo!

tattoo owl mandala on the arm idea inkage woman

Watercolor splash that wakes up the owl in black and white

mandala owl tattoo on the arm tattoo bird trend colorful inkage

Pretty watercolor colors bring skin to life

watercolor minimalist owl tattoo on ankle

Minimalist owl tattoo on the ankle: a small discreet tattoo to dare

minimalist owl tattoo on the ankle idea small discreet tattoo woman trend

Pointillism is a popular style that makes the tattoo more “airy”.

minimalist owl tattoo on the arm in a delicate mandala style tattoo for women

Very cute owl tattoo on female foot

owl tattoo on foot woman minimalist and discreet tattoo

XXL woman owl tattoo on the back advocating geometric patterns

realistic owl tattoo woman back geometric patterns

Drawings in bright colors are reserved rather for very brave girls

colorful realistic owl tattoo on arm

Watercolor woman owl tattoo that covers most of the back

realistic owl tattoo on the back XXL watercolor tattoo

Fierce owl in black and white illustrated on the arm

owl tattoo meaning large tattoo woman on the arm

Wrist tattoo woman owl accompanied by red flowers

owl wrist tattoo

Realistic and colorful owl tattoo that gives a good mood

tattoo owl woman on the ankle idea tattoo colorful flowers

Clavicle allows for larger designs to be tattooed

owl tattoo woman on the collarbone idea tattoo woman discreet

Owl perched on books reminiscent of a Harry Potter tattoo

tattoo owl woman on the back tattoo books wisdom

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Woman owl tattoo: Meaning and 30 ideas in pictures to appropriate this motif full of symbolism

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