Witchtok: when wizards invite themselves to Tiktok

They are astrologers, clairvoyants, diviners… And they are a hit on the networks. Influencers who belong to the category nicknamed Witchtok on the Chinese application, a contraction of witch… which means wizard… and Tiktok. I told you about the booktok last week, so you understood the principle: we take a word, we stick it with tok… and presto, we define a trend. These witchtokers therefore offer various content. Some read the charts, others do astral charts and then there are even some who make potions… for example, love filters.

And these wizards 2.0 do not represent a small community. The proof, the witchtok hashtag has more than 32 billion views on the application. On Instagram, it’s the same thing. Accounts centered on astrology are followed by millions of people like that of glossy zodiac. And then there is not a horoscope a little boring, like that of the Parisian, no there it is made with photos, gifs, and little punchlines that are a little funny. I’ll give you an example: if you’re Libra and single… it’s because we have crushes all the time and we drink too much. I actually inspired this maxim.

And then there are those who go further, like the followers of the Wicca movement, who have been guided by the sun and the moon. They create their own book of shadows, like in the Charmed series, to perform rituals. Basically, these are people who think the goddess of nature gave them gifts. The followers also talk more about religion than movement.

In any case, you have therefore understood that these new influencers with pseudo powers are fascinating. And so, it also became a big business for them. Seven to eight, for example, had followed the French influencer astrokiffe, 50k on instagram, who lives from her clairvoyance activities thanks to the networks. She is paid 1000 euros for 2 hours to read cards at an event. And again, it’s little compared to some American witchtokers, who are followed by millions of people. And it works so well that they release their derivative products like their own tarot game marketed with their name, or stones in the form of jewelry. A real business as I said.

We are not dealing with grannies in pointy hats with their crystal ball, these wizarding influencers are the perfect representation of GenZ. So inevitably it creates a feeling of closeness even among the most skeptical because they arouse our curiosity by being fun, fresh and passionate. It demarginalizes this current which was still a bit old-fashioned.

The Witchtok community is therefore growing more and more. And it is also distinguished by the different cultures it brings together. Many of its videographers also base themselves on their origins, their ancestors, even their religion to talk about witchcraft. So we have both voodoo and magic from South America, which also brings a historical aspect to Witchtok. Afterwards, it’s like everything, and I can’t say it enough, but always pay attention to the content you find on the networks. Especially when it comes to witchcraft, do not forget that it is a small world populated by charlatans, and who are ready to take advantage of the naivety of some to defraud them.

Especially since you can quickly become addicted because out of the blue, magic and clairvoyance are the stuff of dreams…we would all like to believe that the cards tell the truth and that the crystal ball does too. So believing is good, but not abusing it is better.

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Witchtok: when wizards invite themselves to Tiktok

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