Why The Targaryens Were The Only Household To Survive The Fate Of Valaryia

Anyone who has seen “Game of Thrones” or followed the books written by legendary fictional novelist RR Martin by heart recognizes certain things about the prince, princess, queen and kings of House Targaryen: they are blond, passionate and in love. riding dragons. Their favorite expression is menacing fire and blood, while their emblem is a three-headed dragon.

They had a long reign as rulers of Westeros until Dany’s older brother reunited with the Stark children’s aunt, sparking quite a conflict. As it stands in the novels and on television, Daenerys is the only surviving “legitimate” Targaryen. She has three descendants of dragons and has no idea what the future holds, but she was eager to take over her father’s rule.

Rhaenys Targaryen

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The origin of these magnificent blond dragon riders is shrouded in secrecy. They seem to be the only ones who can live in peace with the huge burning lizards. I’ll give you a brief overview of House Targaryen’s background and how they survived the fate of Valaryia.

Where do dragons come from?

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen

Historically, before the unification of the Seven Kingdoms, there was a capital city known as Valyria. This colony was located on an island of Essos, which is the Fantasyworld equivalent of the Mediterranean Sea. Originally, Valyria was home to a culture of laid-back, platinum-blonde, purple-eyed farmers. But then, according to the story, the ranchers saw dragons lurking in the nearby volcanic ring.

Also, you can’t just stumble upon dragons and then go back to your previous occupation of tending livestock. The Valyrians used sorcery to tame and then train dragons to be used as killing machines. The small nation of Valyria quickly grew into the huge and deadly Valyrian Dominion.

Most of western Essos was under the control of the Valyrian dynasty, who built highways and (probably) aqueducts while terrorizing the locals with their new fire-eaters. However, Valyria did not have a single monarch, but rather a number of honorable, dragon-possessed habitations that still vied for control. In comparison to other large households, House Targaryen was just picking up pieces.

Game of Thrones dragons

Game of Thrones dragons

As a result, the families of the Elder Dragonlords didn’t care when little Daenys Targaryen began having disturbing dreams about Valyria being consumed by fire. Luckily for the Targaryen family, Daenys’ father had faith in her prophecies. He uprooted his family and their beasts to the westernmost border of the Valyrian Dominion, Dragonstone.

For about a decade, the Targaryens camped there, seeming very wary, while the rest of the dragonlords continued to enjoy life on the old peninsula. However, the entire region and its inhabitants were wiped out by a cataclysmic disaster dubbed the Doom of Valyria. Martin deliberately left this detail ambiguous; it could be a major volcanic explosion, some sort of mystical gibberish, or even a third moon slamming into Earth.

The Targareyans have annexed everyone and everything

With the exception of Dorne, the Targaryens conquered and annexed all of the Seven Kingdoms, unified their governments, and exterminated the heads of all ruling families who refused to submit.

They established the city of King’s Landing and made the Iron Throne from the swords of their adversaries. In other words, it’s true that only people of the Targaryen bloodline had the power to sit on the Iron Throne, but the Targaryens had no real hold on Westeros other than the ability to eliminate anyone they they despised with “Drakares”.

Civil war

The reign of the Targaryens as conquerors of Westeros was marked by violence and bloodshed. They revolted against each other and fought armed conflicts. They imprisoned the remaining creatures until they all perished after killing each other’s beasts.

Then they attempted to use fire magic to resurrect them, but they were all burned alive in the attempt, as Targaryens are not naturally immune to flames. Dany’s famous firewalking was an aberration caused by extraordinary magical conditions.

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Why The Targaryens Were The Only Household To Survive The Fate Of Valaryia

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