What we know about the Pogba affair: from the incredible imbroglio to an absence at the World Cup

Less than two hours after Mbappé’s first official reaction to the Pogba affair on Monday September 5, in which the PSG striker was involved in spite of himself, Massimiliano Allegri, coach of Juventus confirms the rumors: Paul Pogba injured in his knee , decided to have surgery. The Italian coach doesn’t expect to get his player back”before January“.

However, the midfielder of the France team had resumed the race on Monday morning, despite his injury. Postponing the operation was a risk for him and his club career, but allowed him to give himself a chance to play what could be his last World Cup with the Blues.

  • With this operation, will Paul Pogba be able to be present in Qatar?

Given the turmoil in which Paul Pogba is plunged, following a case that now bears his name and tight deadlines, hard to believe.
Such an absence, although detrimental from a sporting point of view, could suit several players.

First, the coach of the France team, Didier Deschamps, who would have no potential Pogba / Mbappé conflict to manage in the middle of the World Cup.
It should also reassure Juventus, which has just repatriated him from Manchester United and finds itself with an injured player at the start of the season.
Finally, even if missing such a competition risks being heartbreaking for the French international, taking the time to have surgery and rehabilitate his knee will maximize his chances of recovering from what is yet another injury. for him and thus, avoid a fate similar to that of Samuel Umtiti, whose career has declined sharply since his participation in the 2018 World Cup, with an affected knee.

  • How did the Pogba affair start?

The affair begins on the evening of Saturday August 27 with the publication on social networks of an enigmatic video of Mathias Pogba, recorded in four languages ​​(French, English, Italian, Spanish). He announces that he wants to make soon “big revelations“about his brother Paul and his representative Rafaela Pimenta, who has just taken over as head of Mino Raiola’s football agent company.

Reading a text in front of the camera, he says that “the whole world“, them “sponsor” and Juventus Turin “deserve to know certain things in order to make an informed decision whether (Paul) really deserves admiration, respect, his place in the France team, if he is a trustworthy person“.”It could all be explosive.“, he concludes, without further details on the nature of his “revelations“.

Mathias Pogba published on Tuesday evening, August 30, on his Twitter account a new video accompanied by a chain of messages in which he accuses his brother and his supporters of having sought to “drag (your) name in the mud”.

Also, he adds, in his relentlessness to discredit anyone who knows his little secrets, Paul claims that the money he offered to his childhood friends was extorted, easy for the media to say, but what do we do if this money is justified by official and registered documents, and there is proof of a consented gesture!? It’s not the same, is it?”.

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  • How did the clan react Pogba ?

Paul Pogba’s advisers react on Sunday by publishing a press release. They denounce “organized extortion attempts“against the player.”Mathias Pogba’s recent statements on social media unfortunately come as no surprise“, they indicate. “Lthe competent authorities in Italy and France were seized a month ago“, they also specify in the press release.

According to France Info, Paul Pogba claims that he was asked for the sum of 13 million euros, and that one of his relatives would have withdrawn 200,000 euros with his credit card. According to the file consulted by France Info, the player has already paid 100,000 euros to his extortionists. He would also have agreed to undertake to pay the rest of the sum.

Nearly two weeks after the start of the affair which he revealed in the public square, Mathias Pogba says he is “totally foreign” to the extortions denounced by his brother, footballer Paul Pogba, who have been the subject for a week of a judicial investigation entrusted to two investigating judges in Paris, announced in a press release his lawyer released on Friday September 9, .

“Given the evolution of the case and its media repercussions, Mathias Pogba wishes to indicate with force that he is totally foreign to any maneuver of extortion with regard to his brother, Paul Pogba”writes Me Richard Arbib.

“It is clear that the difficulties experienced by the Pogba family are the result of external threats which the justice system, now seized, will take the measure of”he adds.

“Mathias Pogba, who aspires more than anything to calm the situation with his brother, will now reserve his word to the investigating judges in charge of this case, if necessary”continues Me Arbib.

  • Where are the investigators?

The older brother of Paul Pogba, Mathias Pogba, and four men are presented on Saturday September 17 to an examining magistrate “with a view to their indictment” within the framework of the investigation into the extortion of funds denounced by the star of the Bleus, we learned from a judicial source.

Mathias Pogba, 32, who went himself to the investigating service on Wednesday, admitted to being at the initiative of the video threatening Paul Pogba broadcast on August 27.

The other four suspects, relatives of the Pogba brothers aged 27 to 36, had been in police custody since Tuesday and Wednesday at the premises of the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime (Oclco). All are relatives of the Pogba brothers.

This Wednesday, September 14, Mathias Pogba, the older brother of footballer Paul Pogba had been placed in police custody, according to judicial sources familiar with the matter and relayed by AFP. He introduced himself”in the early afternoon at the investigation service“. Three other people were also heard by investigators, according to AFP.

Mathias Pogba declared himself “totally foreign“to the extortion denounced by his brother on Friday, September 9, according to a statement released by his lawyers.

It is clear that the difficulties experienced by the Pogba family are the result of external threats of which the justice, now seized, will take the measure.“, said then master Richard Arbib. “Mathias Pogba, aspires more than anything to calm the situation with his brother and will henceforth reserve his word for the investigating judges in charge of this file, if necessary“, he added.

The investigations into the extortion denounced by the star of the French football team and Juventus Turin Paul Pogba were entrusted Friday, September 2 to two investigating judges of the Paris court, announced the Paris prosecutor in a communicated.

“Following the initial investigations, the Paris public prosecutor’s office today opened a judicial investigation against X counts of extortion with a weapon in an organized gang, kidnapping or kidnapping with release before the seventh day in an organized gang to prepare or facilitate the commission of a crime or misdemeanor and participation in a criminal association with a view to committing a crime”said Laure Beccuau.

The investigation was entrusted to the Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime (OCLCO) of the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ).

According to a source familiar with the matter, in addition to Paul Pogba, several people were heard, including the player’s mother.

Previously, the Paris prosecutor’s office had confirmed to AFP that a preliminary investigation had been opened on August 3 into alleged acts of extortion in an organized gang and attempt.

According to information from France Info, Paul Pogba told investigators that he had “in particular was trapped by childhood friends and two hooded men armed with assault rifles“. They blamed him for not having helped them financially.

During a second hearing in August that France Info was able to consult, Paul Pogba argued that his brother, Mathias Pogba acted “under pressure“. The thesis was also mentioned by a source in the family circle.

France Info also claims that Pogba denied during this second hearing having hired a marabout to cast a spell on the star of the French team Kylian Mbappé.

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Paul Pogba also assures investigators that he has been intimidated several times in Manchester, his former club, and up to the Juventus training center. Among the suspects, he claims to have recognized his brother Mathias.

  • What is Kylian Mbappé doing in this story?

The name of Kylian Mbappé appears in the case against his will. Paul Pogba explained to investigators that “his blackmailers wanted to discredit him by broadcasting messages in which he allegedly asked a marabout from his family circle to cast a spell“to the PSG striker, which he formally denies.

In tweets published on Sunday evening after the revelations concerning Paul’s hearing, Mathias Pogba takes Mbappé to witness: “Kylian, now do you understand? I have nothing negative against you, my words are for your good, everything is true and proven, the marabout is known! Sorry about this brother, a so-called Muslim deep into witchcraft.

According to information from M6 and RTL, Kylian Mbappé telephoned his teammate from the France team Paul Pogba could “understand” this case in which he was quoted. The Blues star striker also contacted Mathias Pogba, Paul’s older brother, to get his version.

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Monday September 5, Kylian Mbappé spoke for the first time at a press conference on the Pogba affair. Asked whether this affair could deteriorate his relationship with Paul Pogba, Mbappé replied: “No. Today, I prefer to trust the word of a teammate, he called me and gave me his version of the facts.”

“It’s his word against that of his brother (Mathias), I will trust his word, in the interest of the French team”added Mbappé, who was speaking before the Champions League match against Juventus Turin on Tuesday (9:00 p.m.).

“I prefer to trust the word of a teammate”explained Kylian Mbappé, indirectly involved in the Paul Pogba affair, who “called” and him “gave his version of the facts”he said Monday at a press conference.

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What we know about the Pogba affair: from the incredible imbroglio to an absence at the World Cup

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