What if we met (M6) – Lenny discovers in real life his suitor who only sent him filtered photos (VIDEO)

M6 broadcast this Monday evening a new number of How about we meet. A dating program in which the production offers people who have met online the opportunity to take the plunge, moving from fantasy to reality, by discovering each other in real life. Last night, M6 viewers were able to attend Lenny and Shana’s first meeting after two and a half years of discussion on social networks, in the Ermenonville castle, at the gates of Paris. A few seconds before Shana’s arrival, Lenny apprehends: “I’m starting to get nervous, I still hope that Shana looks like her photos, that she didn’t try to tamper with her photos too much (…) if she lied to me I would be disgusted“ announces the young man. The problem is that indeed Shana had a heavy hand on the filters in order to embellish her silhouette.

When the young woman arrives, Lenny seems perplexed: “I see a little can of 1.60m with big cheeks coming. It looks like a little hamster” he jokes off. “You told me you were tall, but you’re not that tall” he believes. Shana on her side is seduced:“I think we would be so cute together” she declares before confessing in off: “I don’t know what he thinks of me, because when I send photos and videos, I put filters”. Despite this, Lenny will not hold it against her, and says he is delighted with Shana’s physique: “Even if she doesn’t totally look like her photos, I find her cute and very simple” he assures.

If Lenny is indulgent, on the other hand, internet users have been very severe with the young woman. “You can say everything filter not filter jsp what but go from this to this it’s “There is really deception on the goods. It deserves compensation for 2 years of high-level fake witchcraft”, “Waaa but stop with your filters the. The guy expects to see a girl with a guitar-like physique, the girl she’s like a banjo”. “Mdrr, be serious Lenny. You’ve been in contact with the girl for two years and she’s only been posting pictures of her face for two years, what did you expect? Of course Shana is a scam but she looks so sweet anyway“… can we read on Twitter.


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What if we met (M6) – Lenny discovers in real life his suitor who only sent him filtered photos (VIDEO)

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