Wednesday: the Netflix series was a hit thanks to its similarities with the Harry Potter saga!

By watching the Wednesday series on Netflix, you have most certainly found similarities with the Harry Potter saga!

On the social networks, Internet users are more and more numerous to find great similarities between the Wednesday series which is a hit on Netflix, and the Harry Potter saga. In this article, we reveal some of them.

Wednesday in top trend

Netflix has hit hard again with the Wednesday series! It traces the crazy adventures of the eldest of the Addams Family. Endowed with a strict temperament, and having trouble feeling emotions, Wednesday caused a sensation among viewers. It must be said that the performance of Jenna Ortega is breathtaking. She even inspired the Web with her famous viral dance. On TikTok, it is her makeup that is picked up by thousands of fans. But that’s not all ! Even the firm Ikea used the image of Mercredi to develop a total black limited collection !

Definitely, Tim Burton proves that he is the best in his field. He therefore insisted on the difference between Wednesday and his mother Morticia. The girl is unscrupulous and refuses to experience the slightest feeling. She does not hesitate to hurt those who attack her loved ones. The sequence at the swimming pool will therefore be able to testify to this. This is also the reason why she was sent to Nevermore Academy. The school where his parents met.

Know that to date, Wednesday beats all records. The series therefore ranks first in views in nearly 85 countries. But that’s not all ! She then accumulates more than 341.2 million hours watched on the first week after its release. It therefore dethrones season 4 of Stranger Things which was in first position.

Similarities to Harry Potter

On social networks, Internet users are very likely to find Similarities between Wednesday and the Harry Potter saga. You most certainly noticed it from the first episode. We then find the magic that intensifies over the minutes. The last episode is filled with sorcery. But that’s not all ! There are also monsters of all kinds.

Harry Potter is a real inspiration for Wednesday. And nevermore school very reminiscent of Hogwarts. Moreover, Internet users have also noticed similarities between the two universes. For example, there are plans that look alike. You can see it in the video below. So the question arises, Tim Burton was he inspired by the novels of JK. Rowling ? He hasn’t confirmed anything yet. But the following video montage amply proves it!

We see the same battles between the monsters. But also the same back shot of the teacher with her students. When Wednesday is on the bed with Xavier, it brings to mind the confrontation between Harry Potter and Dumbledore. There is also a plan of a party in the Wednesday series which is very similar to the one in Harry Potter. We understand better the reason why the series on Netflix is ​​so popular around the world. It recalls a universe that viewers miss a lot. On the networks, many are the fans of Harry Potter who demand the return of the saga.

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Wednesday: the Netflix series was a hit thanks to its similarities with the Harry Potter saga!

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