“As the saying goes, when you look in vain for your enemy without reaching him, you go through his relatives. The child is an extension of his parents. Human madness means that to exacerbate someone’s grief, you can go through an innocent like your child. People know how to put their hands where it hurts alas! But behind this act, there must be a dangerous evolution of feelings which passes through envy, jealousy, wickedness up to hatred which is the point of no return”. “Indeed, when we hate an individual, we are able to destroy him and everything that goes with it, especially the people he loves the most”. “In polygamous households, realities have changed. They are seen much more in an approach of competitiveness, of combat. What people commonly call “defanté” whereas before, was often a framework for sharing common life which allowed the power to create extremely powerful blood ties between half-brothers. Now, it is often animosity, sorcery, charlatanism for sometimes eliminating the co-wife and her family. There is a kind of escalation in the feelings where you go from wickedness to hatred while hatred leads to all kinds of extremes.

The shift that has taken place in terms of living the polygamous reality is extraordinary. We no longer even seek to separate, but also to eliminate the offspring from the family space or from social life. Some become real failures that inspire piety at first sight. Some are now making polygamy a real ploy to be able to neutralize not an adversary, but an enemy”.

“The values ​​have not changed. The problem comes from the people who wear them. There is a real character crisis. In truth, the individuals themselves have entered into a process of dehumanization. Even if values ​​were extremely abundant within our society, the concern would be to find appropriate people to carry them. Unfortunately, with the vicissitudes of life, social change, modernization, social networks mean that we very quickly entered into a process of acculturation which has ended up distancing us from social-cultural beliefs”.

“Basically, we have completely depreciated our culture. It’s as if we were in a social loss, it’s not that values ​​are in crisis, but we ourselves are losing ourselves. There is a slim chance of keeping us in relation to the authentic homo-Senegalese. Instead of dreaming of the return of the old type of Senegalese, we theorized the new type compromising the main principles on which it was based. It is fundamentally today, the true debate which arises; it is to see how to do so that in this deregulated society, we can succeed in the bet of societal recovery which must be based on agents of socialization like the family which is failing in crisis”.

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