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Chelona’s Rise, like many towers previously encountered in Elden Ring, is sealed behind a magical barrier. The statue outside offers a familiar command: seek out three great wise beasts. Each of these towers had their own access challenges, but the three wise beasts of Chelona’s Rise are the most difficult to locate as they are scattered throughout the Moonlight Altar plateau in Liurnia.

Once you know where to look, however, the tower is easily accessible in order to obtain the powerful sorcery within.



Chelona’s Rise is located on the Moonlight Altar plateau in Liurnia and can only be accessed after progressing through Ranni’s Quest through Deep Ainsel Well. From the Moonlit Altar Grace site, drive either east or west, following the rough paths to the edges of the Moonlit Altar plateau. Follow the paths around the edges of the plateau, turning south, until they reach a tower among a field of beautiful blue flowers. Rest at the South Altar Grace Site, located just across from the tower. Be sure to interact with the statue outside the tower for the three wise beasts to appear. You’ll also want a ranged weapon of some sort in order to destroy the three beasts. A simple bow and arrow will do.


Note: Resting or moving fast will cause any Wise Beasts you haven’t dealt with yet to disappear, and you’ll need to interact with the statue again.

Beast one

This beast is located at the first marker on the map above, clinging to the cliffs below the back of the tower. From the Grace Site, run around the tower to the right, looking over the edge of the cliff as you go, and you’ll have no trouble spotting it. Unlike previous wise beasts, the beasts of Chelona’s Rise are huge spirit turtles. Despite their size, however, they can still be quite difficult to spot without knowing where to look.

beast two

From the South Altar Grace Site, head east up the path to the second marker on the map above. If you reach Lunar Estate Ruins, you’ve gone too far. You should spot the Wise Beast either on a ledge or below you on a ledge (depending on where you spot it from). You can easily drop onto the middle ledge and deal with the beast up close, but you can just pull it from the top ledge and you’re done.

beast three

Return to the South Altar Grace Site and take the path west to the third marker on the map above. This path can be treacherous, being populated by several Crystalian warriors (and a Lesser Red Wolf of Radagon if you stray a little out of the way), but if you’re going straight the Crystalians won’t be quick enough to stop you. If you’ve reached Ringleader’s Evergaol, you’ve gone a bit too far.

Once you’ve reached the northwest edge of the Moonlight Altar plateau, look up: you’ll find the third Wise Beast floating above a spirit spring. Ride Torrent in the Spirit Spring and jump high in the air. Landing on the Wise Beast will “kill” it, and you will receive a prompt: the rising seal has opened.

Enter the climb of Chelona

Return to the South Altar Grace Site and enter the tower now that the magic barrier has been removed. The tower has no enemies inside, so you can rest easy. Climb the tower to the very top, where you’ll find a chest. Open the chest to receive Ranni’s Black Moon. It’s not just one of the legendary sorceries (if you collect them), but it’s a pretty powerful full moon sorcery to boot.

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Walkthrough Elden Ring: Chelona’s Rise TechRadar

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