Video games: Two Point Campus bets on witchcraft courses in its crazy university

It was right in the middle of summer and the long holidays, with a curious sense of timing, that the small English team at Two Point Studios decided to publish their university city-builder. Four weeks later, the start of the new school year is successful and Two Point Campus, which places you at the head of a faculty, has already exceeded the symbolic bar of one million sales worldwide. He even does better than his big brother, Two Point Hospital, another studio production released in 2018, which, as its name suggests, entrusted you with the management of a clinic.

Two Point Campus covers the basics of Two Point Hospital even if it is no longer a question here of building operating rooms but of classes and everything that goes with them: library, lecture halls and also student rooms, rest room for teachers, toilet block… Each room is draws easily with the mouse (or joystick) and fills up with furniture in just a few clicks: bleachers for lecture halls, shelves for the library, even hand dryers in the toilets. A multitude of elements are also unlocked during the game to always improve its campus, such as a dozen different benches for the surroundings of the university or an unlikely variety of confectionery distributors to dress the corridors.

Lucrative student parties…

Because nothing is very serious in this university. Like its predecessor hospitalthis Campus bet on zaniness. There are of course these very cartoon graphics but we quickly come to place curious elements in the decor, such as pink four-poster beds to decorate the student rooms or a window promoting the quick nap club. The formations, which you choose, are in keeping and your proteges will soon specialize in chivalry or in virtual normality.

The game Two Point Campus features a university where students organize cultural events.

Each new piece installed in your university and even each new poster stuck to the wall, improves the level of your establishment, the satisfaction of your young people and their success rates. But it costs money. For this to work, you have to keep an eye on the budget: students pay tuition fees. Small challenges, such as installing new equipment or organizing a student party, can improve the ordinary, by unlocking funds and additional elements.

All this, and this is perhaps the limit of the exercise, never turns out to be very difficult. The game is not punitive, even if you don’t do your homework properly. At worst, you just have to wait a bit, to reap some additional registration fees and have the means to finish this magnificent science room of your dreams. Fans of demanding “city builders” can therefore skip it, but if you are looking for a game focused on relaxation, this Campus opens its doors to you.

> On PC, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One and X|S, Nintendo Switch, 40 euros.

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Video games: Two Point Campus bets on witchcraft courses in its crazy university

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