TV program. Harry Potter fans, test your knowledge tonight on TMC

We no longer present the universe ofHarry Potter, JK Rowling’s literary saga declined in films, theme parks and other derivative objects. The young wizard is also the subject of a game show, visible this Wednesday, October 26. One year after its release in the United States, Harry Potter: The Four Houses Tournament arrives in France, on TMC. Presented by British actress Helen Mirren (The Queen), this show brings together fans from all over the world to participate in a great quiz.

What are the four houses?

At Hogwarts, Harry’s school of sorcery, students are divided into four houses, depending on their personality. Gryffindor, which hosts the majority of the main characters, thus unites brave and strong wizards under its red and gold banners. Their main rivals, the Slytherins, cultivate pride and ambition. Voldemort was notably part of this house, with green colors. Hufflepuff wizards, in yellow and black, stand for loyalty, tolerance and kindness. Finally, Ravenclaw opens up to intelligent and curious students, in blue tones.

In the world of Muggles (humans in the adventures of Harry Potter), fans of the saga generally claim one emblem or another and online tests can confirm its membership.

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What is the Tournament all about?

In the universe ofHarry Potter, the Cup of the four houses therefore opposes Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Each year, they can lose or gain points depending on their scores in the different subjects taught, for example. At the end of the year, the winning house wins the cup.

On tonight’s show, three representatives from each house, all fans ofHarry Potter (between 15 and 77 years old) will wear their colors high and test their knowledge of the universe of their favorite wizard. Objects, dates, characters… They will compete in different events to win the famous cup during the grand finale. For the first duel, Gryffindor will face Hufflepuff.

A half-hearted quiz

On paper, Harry Potter: The Four Houses Tournament promises to be an exciting game show. Overall, the quiz is pretty compelling, though some questions are more convoluted than others. Several events are also presented by actors from the films, such as Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy. But the show is above all too written, with candidates who justify each of their answers, even the simplest, in awkward moments. Even the excellent Helen Mirren seems a little stuck in her role as presenter. This Tournament will still give absolute fans a good time, before the broadcast of The Chamber of Secrets 1er November on TF1.

TMC, 9:15 p.m.

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TV program. Harry Potter fans, test your knowledge tonight on TMC

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