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There are fun moments in Tú no eres especial like all the Harry Potter reflection of the heroine in episode 4 but beyond that, the series offers nothing really memorable. There is a good atmosphere that emerges from the series and the characters, the whole is rather endearing but it lacks a bit of madness. Estíbaliz Burgaleta (Bechos raros, Skam España) immerses us in an adventure that lacks a bit of madness. We hear about magical powers, but there’s nothing really magical about Just an Ordinary Girl. Besides that, the series is therefore difficult to stand out and looks like a lot of series of the same genre. With the profusion of teen series on Netflix, these have to be a little more original than that. Except that’s not the case at all. We end up with all the clichés of the genre, a visual that lacks creativity and few episodes and time to really get attached to the universe.

When word spreads at school that she inherited magical powers from her grandmother, Amaia’s life in her new town takes an interesting turn.

After finishing this season, I must confess that I can’t find anything particularly memorable. The characters take a long time to take off or never become interesting. With the amount of series of the genre that we have on Netflix, hard to imagine that Nothing but an ordinary girl could have surprised the spectators. The ultra vague side of the basic plot of the series centered on Amaia is the source of the failure of this series. She returns to her hometown when she discovers that her grandmother has a reputation for witchcraft. The stakes could have been high but they never really are. It’s not a magical series strictly speaking like Sabrina on the same platform but rather the story of a young girl who tries to find a place for herself in society and struggles to forge her own identity. The fate of all the characters is never an issue and we end up with rather dull and uninspired plots.

Witchcraft is here only a sort of rough-hewn metaphor which also does not allow the emotions of its characters to hatch. It’s a kind of metaphor on the identity of his heroine, a way to fit in and at the same time to stand out. Over the course of these six episodes, we are firmly bored because of a cruel lack of madness and surprises. The very narration of the heroine also lacks substance. The dynamics between the characters are nice and allow you not to get too offended, but it’s the short duration of the season that really motivated me to go through with this whole adventure. Just an ordinary girl was clearly not made for me and I can’t find enough qualities in her to say that she is surprising. Amaia nevertheless has a nice development over the episodes and an interesting circle of friends, but nothing is capable of going off the beaten track enough to motivate me to make you want to. Because I was bored and it really bothers me to be so bored.

Rating: 4/10. In short, nothing surprising, yet another series for teens without the madness of the genre that it wants to introduce with its misleading pitch.

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Tú no eres especial (Season 1, 6 episodes): Just an ordinary girl – Series and film reviews, news – Breaking News, it’s overflowing with gossip

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