TPMP: everything you need to know about the new columnist Anissa!

The new TPMP columnists are more and more numerous around Cyril Hanouna. Among them, Anissa. But who is she? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A full cast in TPMP

TPMP is already back for a new season rich in laughter and delirious news. Barely started, the show is already in top Tweet. In fact, everyone is talking about it.

And for good reason ! The guests are without language of wood. Starting with Michel Sardou who did not hesitate to talk about politics and all the bad things he thinks about Mélanchon. He also has criticized inclusive writing which he deemed unnecessary.

Moreover, the subjects are crazy! Cyril Hanouna spoke about shocking subjects like the clash between the Pogba brothers. Here new cases of witchcraft have been revealed.

Thereafter, Baba spoke about the scandal between Booba and Magali Berdah on TPMP. The rapper’s lawyer came to denounce the actions of Magali and her influencers who would defraud Internet users.

The agent of the stars is therefore came on set to express themselves. This has had the gift of making Internet users react. Once again, Cyril Hanouna has chosen the right subject!

Let’s also talk about the casting which seems very complete. The emblematic columnists are present. Like Matthieu Delormeau, Valérie Bénaïm, and Guillaume Genton. But also Gilles Verdez, Jean Michel Maire, Benjamin Castaldi and Géraldine Maillet. Let’s not forget Raymond and Delphine Wespiser.

Among the newcomers, there would be Antoni Ruiz, Radia Kebaili, Nicolas Perrin, actor or Sally Sanogo, former model turned actress. Let’s also add Céline Alonzo, Ilyès Djadel, comedian, stand-upper and Youtuber Nino Arial.

Anissa: the new columnist who is talking

Soon, fans will therefore discover Ilyes Djadel, but also Anissa Consul. You most certainly know her, since she has already made appearances on the set of TPMP. That is three who did not fail to make people talk!

Because the young woman made people laugh with her disdainful side and her ‘silly’ questions. TPMP fans have therefore brought his character to life without even wanting to. But then the question arises, who is this young woman?

She has already participated in several reality TV shows. As Married at first sight broadcast on M6. In reality, it was his mother Cécile who caused a sensation in the 5th season.

She had talked about his daughter as the apple of his eye. But as the episodes progressed, fans realized that their relationship was very complicated. Subsequently, Anissa participated in the Villa of Broken Hearts with her mother.

The two spoke about the rifts in their relationship. Coach Lucie therefore did everything to patch them up.

One thing is certain, Anissa has always wanted to participate in TPMP shows. “I feel comfortable in TPMP. And Cyril does everything for me to be. I would like to continue and come back in this season“, she confided in the columns of TV Mag.

It seems that Cyril Hanouna has granted his wish… How lucky!

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TPMP: everything you need to know about the new columnist Anissa!

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