Toulouse. Dixen, the writer resuscitated Louis XIV as a vampire

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Very prolific author of fantasy and science fiction novels, Victor Dixen is at Cultura Labège this Thursday from 1 p.m. for a meeting around the third volume of his Vampyria series.

It was while reading The Lord of the Rings that the French writer Victor Dixen discovered a passion for science fiction. “This is where my vocation for writing was born. I realized that it was possible to create a world, with its geography, its peoples, its history, its language. A world even more real than ours”. At 14 he even went to England to buy the dictionary of the language of the elves invented by Tolkien. “With a classmate, we were alone to practice the Elvish language”. Victor Dixen, 43, has made a name for himself in literature. He has two veins in his imagination, science fiction and fantasy. The author, who lives in the United States, has published several SF series, “Le cas Jack Spark”, “Animale” and “Phobos”, where earthlings leave to live on Mars, hoping to escape the tyranny of the screens. He has written several novels inspired by current events such as “Cogito” on artificial intelligence. “Science fiction novelists have a role, to make the future a little nebulous more concrete, he says. find themselves in appalling situations”. This writer, who sleeps only 4 hours a day and finds his best inspiration in the deep night, is also known for his fantastic series Vampyria, whose third volume La cour des Ouragans has just been released. A fan of vampiric literature, like Dracula, and fascinated by the Palace of Versailles, he imagined that Louis XIV was playing extra time for eternity. Having become a vampire, the monarch is still there, three centuries later. In Vampyria, the subjects of the kingdom are subject to tithing, obligated to give 10% of their blood to feed the vampires. Jeanne, a young Auvergne commoner revolts and wants to kill Louis XIV. The story that started in Versailles continues in the second volume in the Cour des Miracles, in Paris. In this third opus, Victor Dixen takes his readers to the dark Antilles where magic and witchcraft are practiced openly. At Cultura Labège, Victor Dixen will present this last work, richly illustrated like the previous ones, and a Tarot de Marseille inspired by the Gothic universe of his series. “I have been practicing the divinatory sciences for a long time. I use the prints as a daily life aid”, confides this very imaginative writer. The meeting will be filmed and broadcast live on Instagram. This is the writer’s second visit to Toulouse. Last year he was invited to the Marathon des Mots, a contemporary writing festival. Proof that the author of Phobos and Vampyria has gone beyond the scope of so-called “children’s literature” and is increasingly of interest to an adult audience.

Meeting-dedication with Victor Dixen this Thursday, May 26 from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Cultura Labège. FREE ENTRANCE.

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Toulouse. Dixen, the writer resuscitated Louis XIV as a vampire

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