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Harry Potter Star Tom Felton jokes that he wants to switch roles with Daniel Radcliffe if the couple were ever to reunite on screen. Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone enchanted audiences in 2001 when he welcomed the public to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Since then, the franchise has established an incredible legacy, attracting legions of fans from around the world. The start of 2022 saw the cast reunite on screen for the very first time since the film series ended in 2011, with Felton and Radcliffe returning to Hogwarts alongside their co-stars.

Radcliffe starred as the franchise’s titular character, while Felton starred as its bleached-blonde bully, Draco Malfoy, with both actors growing up with their roles in all eight films. Malfoy’s family were followers of the films’ key antagonist, Voldemort, leading Malfoy’s disdain for Harry to grow stronger and stronger as the stories of the two young wizards progressed. The two were around each other’s necks for the majority of the film series, but Radcliffe and Felton have previously referenced their real-life friendship, which of course is a far cry from what happens on screen. .

Now Felton has shared that he would love to work with Radcliffe again and the pair actually have a condition as to how their next project should see them appear opposite each other. While promoting his latest role in London’s West End, Felton spoke to digital spy on how the actors often discuss reuniting in some capacity, before sharing that he and Radcliffe joked that their next on-screen reunion should see them switch places. Felton said they joked that Radcliffe should be the villain next time around, and Felton should be the hero. Check out Felton’s full quote below.

We all talk about doing something again in different ways, Daniel and I have often joked that when we work together again he will be the villain and I will be the hero.

Since their time in the Magic world, Felton and Radcliffe took on a variety of different roles. More recently, audiences saw Radcliffe take an antagonistic turn when he played the villainous Abigail Fairfax in The lost cityalongside Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, with the actor calling it “Rite of passage” as an English actor in an American film. Radcliffe’s next big role will see him portray “Weird Al” Yankovic in the musician’s upcoming biopic, but at this point it seems Radcliffe and Felton have no plans to cross paths again on screen just yet.

Seeing Radcliffe and Felton reunite in a future project would definitely be one thing, but seeing them swap roles as good and bad would be a hilariously sweet reminder of their time together in Harry Potter. With both stars busy with their upcoming projects, it’s fair to say that it may be some time before any concrete plans can be made. However, Felton seems largely optimistic about the possibility of this collaboration in the future and as always, you really can never say never.

Source: Digital Spy

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Tom Felton Would Work With Daniel Radcliffe Again On One Condition – Nifey

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