Thops Elden Ring: Location, Quest and Rewards

Within the Church of Irith on the Elden Ring, you met Thops, but you don’t know how to find the second Academy Shardstone Key? In the video below, you are shown the path to find the key and in the written guide, you are given more details so that you can complete the quest for Thops, the wizard.

Where do we meet Thops?

Following your carnage within the Castle of Veilrage, you will be able to cross a new region within Elden Ring: Liurnia. Just west of the castle’s exit door, you will be able to enter the ruins ofa church, that of Irith. Within this remnant of infrastructure, you will be able to find a Tear of Life, but also a wizard who does not seem to be on his plate. This is Thops! Talk to him and give him the 50 runes he asks for.

Thops initially acts as a shop (for sorcery), but his spells are no longer really useful at this stage of the adventure. However, he hides another much more interesting spell, except that you can only obtain it once his quest has been completed.

How to help Thops return to Raya Lucaria Academy?

In order for you to give Thops another chance to return to the Academy, you will need to give him a Shardstone Key. This key will allow him to return to the Academy so that he can resume his studies. If you’re a sucker, you’ll help him, because this poor wizard seems to be at the end of his life. To do this, you will need to access the rooftops of Raya Lucaria’s Academy to find the Shardstone Key he requires to fulfill his dream.

Starting from the site of grace “Debate room“, where you beat the Crimson Wolf of Radagon, take the door that is to the north, you will come across the courtyard of the Academy. Continue your way west and climb on the debris where withered Going up the stairs with caution (two mages are sure to cast spells on you), turn immediately left then jump over the railing.You will come across a new staircase that you will have to take to then jump again above the balustrade located to the left of the mage at the level of the corpse so as not to fall into the void.

1st balustrade to climb - Elden Ring
1st balustrade to climb

2nd balustrade to climb - Elden Ring
2nd balustrade to climb

You are now on the rooftops. Following the roofs, you will come across two puppets, kill them and climb the ladder on your right. Once at the top, you can choose to kill the 3 raptors as well as the mage, but you can just as well ignore them and make your way to the right of the tower to jump on the roof to the north.

To continue your way, jump on the next three roofs and kill the two puppets in order to have the free field. You will have to jump on the lower part which is to the north and continue your descent towards the roof which will be right in front of you.

Kill the puppet that will be on your way and enter the broken stained glass window that is on your right. You will have to do a little balancing act with the beams, because the key is on one of the chandeliers below.

Where do we find Thops to give him the Shardstone Key?

Return to the Church of Irith and give the key to Thops. The latter will be more than happy and will give you the “Erudition” emote which will be very useful for you to complete the puzzle around the Tower of the Proselyte and the Arrow of the Proselyte.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Once you talk to him a second time, go to the site of grace “school classroom” within the Academy then leaving by the western door of the room, you will be able to find Thops on the right of the exit. He will unfortunately be dead and on his remains you will be able to collect the following objects: Pearl cineraire of Thops, Staff of shard of the Academy as well as the Force Field of Thops.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Thops Force Field is a good spell because it erects a magical force field that is able to reflect spells. You will need 18 attribute points in Intelligence to use it and costs next to nothing in CP to cast the spell.

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Thops Elden Ring: Location, Quest and Rewards

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