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three children try to survive their fate during the inquisition. They know that if their path ends: they burn. Because, in these remote times, we fearsis the chasing and we eliminates. Yet, through their unity, they support each other and maintain a semblance of hope.

A violent and fantastic journeythrough villages and forests, in this first opus entitled : Ash and river. To discover at 6 Feet Under Editions since October 24, 22. Two more volumes to come.

They burn – Volume 1: Cendre et Rivière © 6 feet under Editions

A forest… Three silhouettes, one of which is hooded, are at theedge of the wood. Two girls and a young boy. They approach the village, and Ongle can only be terrorized. Hidden behind her hood, she clings somehow to Pluie. However, it is enough to cross the old bridge in stone to access the crowd. An event that should reassure them if they were normal beings.

But already on the main squarethey observe the last pyre still smoking. Wizards and witches have no place among the villagers. Also, the three children make so discreet as possible. Georg begins to set up his stall ” goods “ found here and there, during their wanderings in the forest : some snails, medicinal leaves, and more too fresh fish.

Passers-by arrested for the sale mock quickly from their spoils. And, one of the villagers even points out their “stupidity”, reminding them why the stake is still smoking. Feeling the wind turn, they decide to go back to the forest.

But, on the way out, two men challenge them… Everything changes in an instant

They burn – Volume 1: Ashes and Rivers © 6 feet under Editions

What were we doing alleged wizards and witches in the middle Ages ? They were burned. they burn to 6 Feet Under Editionstakes over the fate of three children accused of witchcraft and tells us about their fight to to survive in a world barbaric and ruthless. Pursued by a strange being.

Between their dreams, their past, their madness and current events, we learn to to discover, to get attached, to become impregnated their confusion, their madness, their moments of peace. The author, Anis El Hamourimakes us swing between moments of tranquility and poetry : the comfort of being together, the warmth of an unwavering friendship. The recklessness of bickering. And realistic atrocities of this “witch hunt”: live like evanescent beings, destined to flee forever. Flee or be killed. Living in fear, rejection of others and of oneself. the tormented graphics gives a terribly strong rendering with a nervous line and sequences from which emanates a extreme violence.

They burn – Volume 1: Ashes and Rivers © 6 feet under Editions

A title disturbing and oppressivebased on the wide medieval repressive movement of the witch hunt. The escape of its three characters plunges us into paroxysm of dreadbetween imagination and concrete facts. In this first volume ofThey burn to Editions 6 Feet Underwe discover the characters, we strongly attached because of’incomprehension of this repression. Of the fear felt, and their inner strength to the power of 10, thanks to the work of the author. And the insertion of all these dreamlike settings.

See you in the second volume to understand what pursues them and follow their future.

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They Burn: Sorcery at Editions 6 feet under –

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