The Witcher on Netflix: the showrunner responds to criticism of the departure of Henry Cavill

Lauren S. Hissrichshowrunner of The Witcher on netflixresponded to fan fears for the future of the series with the departure ofHenry Cavill.

Despite its many flaws, The Witcher is among the ambitious adaptations of fantasy on the small screen in recent years, alongside Game Of Thrones and Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. The Netflix series also owes a lot to the interpretation of Henry Cavill, who won most of the votes of the public, on this occasion, the actor having made a strong impression on the fans in the role of Geralt de Riv.

Unfortunately, for fans of the actor, Henry Cavill has just been replaced in the series, because of his return in Superman. A real cataclysm for the program, but also for the platform and for the creative team, which has since suffered numerous attacks from fans of The Witcher, not always justified. That is why Lauren S. Hissrich, showrunner on the series, wanted to respond to these criticisms during an interview with Screening :

“Oyé oyé, why so much hatred for a departure”

“It’s a blow for us too… but that’s life. There are a lot of innuendos and rumors about this departure and we understand why the fans have come to this. What I want to say is please come back for season 3 of The Witcher so that we can continue the adventure. Obviously, the departure of Henry Cavill is an important fact. But I don’t want this story to interfere with the release of Blood Origin, Declan [De Barra, le showrunner de The Witcher: L’héritage du sang, ndlr], the performers and the film crew. It’s their turn to be in the spotlight. »

With this statement, will Lauren S. Hissrich succeed in allaying the disappointment of fans of Henry Cavill and The Witcher? Nothing is less certain, since by refusing to clearly explain the ins and outs of this affair, she lets all kinds of innuendo run wild and teaches us nothing new (unless she does not know obviously).

As a reminder, among the many rumors circulating around the actor’s departure, there are anecdotes relating the differences that would exist between Henry Cavill and the screenwriters about the respect of the original novels.

The Witcher: photo, Henry Cavill, The Witcher“Hands off Blood Legacy, the series is innocent”

But for Lauren S. Hissrich, the economic stakes come before everything else and the soldier must therefore be saved Witcher. Indeed, we discern in his remarks the fear of a boycott of season 3, which would obviously put the future of the series in question, a future already well shaken by this departure. Furthermore, it is necessary to protect The Witcher: Legacy of Blood, whose release is imminent (and which is in no way affected by the departure of Henry Cavill), from the roar of the angry crowd. The showrunner so seems adopt a logical conservative posture which should not, however, lessen public resentment.

Because if Lauren S. Hissrich has not added fuel to the fire of a very heated debate, not sure that all of this is enough to satisfy the public. Moreover, she did not speak at any time of Liam Hemsworth, the future replacement for Henry Cavill in the series (the moment was opportune to support him). The future looks damn complicated for the franchise. And we will therefore closely monitor the hearings of The Witcher: Legacy of Blood which is released on December 25, 2022, to make some initial observations.

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The Witcher on Netflix: the showrunner responds to criticism of the departure of Henry Cavill

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